The power of social media marketing

Social media is a crucial component of your sales and marketing strategies. Your customers and prospects are engaging in numerous online conversations – posting vital information that can inform your campaigns and make them more successful.

Social media enables you to track customer sentiment in real time, gather market intelligence and share personalised content – perhaps even more effectively than some traditional marketing channels. The challenge is, how can your teams listen to every single conversation, and cut through the clutter to identify the relevant insights they need?

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What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio connects your marketing, service and sales teams to your customers through social channels to build meaningful relationships. It also helps close the gap between your customer facing teams, eliminating any information silos to ensure that no opportunities are lost.

Social Studio joined the Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2014 in response to businesses battling to streamline their social conversations, track engagement, share insights across departments and respond to their target audiences in time. Since then, the number of users and volume of activity has increased dramatically and Social Studio continues to address these issues by enabling users to correspond with the public from within a single tool, instead of via each individual social network. This allows for greater transparency and collaboration company-wide.

Listen, collaborate and respond

Your marketing team can listen to conversations from over 650 million sources with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio. They can discover what customers and prospects are saying about your brand, products and competitors. The tool allows them to dig deeper, see where conversations are taking place, analyse sentiment and take immediate relevant action.

The tool’s unified view allows your team to collaborate and plan better social campaigns. They can quickly add and share new content including photos, trending news, or other high quality media. It’s easy to set up an approval workflow which means your brand is always protected and other teams can access, personalise and use the highest performing pre-approved content.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio, every social interaction becomes part of the company’s 360-degree view of the customer. The platform is available from any device, catering to today’s mobile workforce, enabling your teams to plug in from anywhere at any time. This also allows you to deliver a far more responsive customer experience

Superior service

Sales reps are notified about social conversations in Sales Cloud so they can interact with prospects and work new sales opportunities in a timely manner. Marketers can engage in conversations and respond with compelling content across all social and brand channels from the office or on the go. They can even respond to issues and reroute them to Service Cloud. Service agents receive all social cases, alongside other support channels, and can respond in the social channel to resolve the issue.

Social Studio integrates with the full Salesforce software suite, connecting various teams and departments, enabling them to surprise and delight customers with social customer care.

Focus your company’s entire social media strategy through one solution and engage with your customers as efficiently as possible.

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