Salesforce Marketing Cloud, formerly ExactTarget, offers hundreds of features to help brands execute everything from basic email marketing to sophisticated cross-channel campaign management. Salesforce is recognised as one of the world’s most powerful one-to-one digital marketing platforms.

Salesforce provides four main solutions within the Marketing Cloud, and each contains different editions, offering options to brands with basic needs as well as those with highly complex needs. Accordingly, Salesforce Marketing Cloud pricing is structured according to specific product needs and also the scale of the marketing effort. Salesforce Marketing Cloud pricing is normally broken down into Basic, Pro, Corporate and Enterprise tiers.

We’ve broken down each edition with its pricing levels below so that you can get a better idea

of Salesforce Marketing Cloud costs. The most sophisticated editions come at a higher price point, but you might not need all the features with them. Working with a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner like Celerity will help you identify which package is best suited to your needs.

Celerity specialise in using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud for email, mobile, social and marketing automation, however, there is an edition that specifically contains advertising capabilities.

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  1. Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing Edition

Personalise and automate email, mobile, and web journeys for every customer at scale with the Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing Edition. This edition comes in four packages – Basic, Pro, Corporate and Enterprise.

The Basic package contains the functionality needed to send promotional emails with basic personalisation, easy-to-use segmentation, profile management, and connections to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. The Pro package builds on the Basic package by offering expanded segmentation, Predictive Intelligence, and automation capabilities.

By comparison, the Corporate and Enterprise packages bring everything that you need together to plan, personalise, and optimise 1-to-1 customer journeys. You can build a single view of the customer, plan, personalise, and optimise customer journeys across email, mobile, and web platforms.

  1. Social Media Marketing Edition

The Social Media Marketing Edition helps you to listen, engage, publish, and analyse your social conversations. It comes in four editions – Basic, Pro, Corporate and Enterprise.

The Basic package will help to start your social marketing with listening and engagement features. You can manage two social accounts and 20,000 monthly mentions. It’s an ideal starting point for brand listening and engagement on your core social properties With Pro, you’ll get all the Basic features plus management of 10 social accounts and 250K monthly mentions. You’ll also get compliance and governance features with integrated publish approval rules and it grants third party apps partner access.

Corporate is best for social marketing and social customer service for multiple brands or product lines. It includes all the features of the Pro edition, plus management of up to 20 social accounts and 1.5M monthly mentions. It also has full social automation capabilities and can integrate with Salesforce Service Cloud. Enterprise is for multinational, large, and recognisable consumer companies or research firms with many active brands and products on social media.

B2B Marketing Automation

The B2B Marketing Automation Edition helps you automate and optimise your lead generation and nurturing programs throughout the prospect lifecycle. It comes in three packages – Standard, Plus and Ultimate.

Included in the Standard package is individual prospect tracking, lead nurturing and email marketing. If you go for the Ultimate package, you’ll get custom user roles, custom object integration and API access. You’ll also get a dedicated IP address and phone support. In our experience, the Plus package is the most popular. It allows you to dive deeper with marketing automation and analytics, with advanced email analytics, email previews and spam testing. You can also conduct A/B tests for emails and landing pages.

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