We may be in an age of apps and instant messaging, but email is still a critical part of marketing, driving online commerce and helping to build relationships with customers. Salesforce’s 2016 State of Marketing Report indicates that 80% of marketers believe it’s critical to their business – and some 79% say it directly generates ROI.

Launched in 2016, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio is one of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s five channels. The other channels include Mobile Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio and Web Studio. Email Studio is designed to help marketers deliver the right content to the right people, manage campaign development from end to end, and get the best ROI from email. Contact our experts today to discuss your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio requirements. 

The Marketing Cloud connects seamlessly with Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud, combining email with CRM and digital marketing tools to enable companies to build a Single Customer View (SCV). A watertight SCV is key to the delivery of data-driven, personalised messages across every channel and interaction. 

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What can Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio do?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio has a range of functions, from standard email services to sophisticated cross-channel capabilities. Salesforce aims to deliver enterprise email marketing functionality to every marketer, making it easy for businesses to scale up their capabilities, whether that means adding extra customer channels to the strategy or sending out millions of emails in one go.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio allows marketers to streamline content production using Salesforce’s content management system, Content Builder. Using the system’s tagging and sharing function, it’s possible to create targeted one-to-one emails at scale. Simple drag and drop tools make it easy to create eye catching content to help drive customer engagement, without any coding knowledge needed.

Integrated Personalization Builder, A/B testing functionality and leading email deliverability tools all help maximise ROI from campaigns, whilst real-time tracking and reporting tools enable users to easily monitor campaign performance and optimise future email campaigns. Marketers can use customer data across every touch point to segment their audience, keeping all content highly relevant, whilst marketing automation functionality helps to move the customer journey forward.

Salesforce Expert

Celerity is an expert in Salesforce products, and is fully experienced with both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio. Our Centre of Excellence expertise allows us to offer a truly end-to-end system integration experience, data analytics, and insight integration – alongside fully customisable welcome programmes. Clients can benefit from our experience across the Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s social, mobile, web, and advertising suite.

With a cumulative forty years of experience between them, Celerity’s diverse team understands how to manage effective implementations of Email Studio and serves a consultative role for all its clients. We understand the tool from a practical and strategic point of view, and can integrate it smoothly and seamlessly into your marketing plan – helping you delight your customers and boost your revenues.

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