Marketing has changed considerably over the years. Traditional advertising used to be the primary tool of the marketer, but today there is a huge range of touchpoints through which to reach customers. As a result, marketers must experiment with new channels, fresh data sources and different techniques, to create stellar customer segments that form the basis of every successful, attributable marketing campaign. Contact our experts to discuss your Salesforce DMP challenges today.

They must also…

…capture and use all the data at their disposal to build comprehensive customer profiles.

…segment audiences as accurately and as efficiently as possible using the latest machine learning techniques.

…reach customers in the right way at the right time with the right content – personalisation is a must have, not a nice to have.

…pull third party data from trusted parties to help power audience segmentation.

…ensure customer data is used and shared appropriately based on existing data rights with software-enabled data governance (SEDG).

Your competition’s doing this already with the Salesforce DMP: Salesforce Audience Studio

A robust DMP for your business

Let’s recap why you need to start using a DMP, if you haven’t already:

  1. Reach new customers

If you’re selling a new product or service, you normally want to reach new customers. This is what DMP data is perfect for. It helps you find new audiences via audience extension by adding third party data onto your existing audience and using artificial intelligence to really drill down and create new, niche, customer segments. It also enables look-alike modelling, which uses machine learning to find new customers for your business.

  1. Know your customers better

A DMP uses existing data such as search results, social media engagements, and survey responses in order to predict what new products or services your customers might like. This data is helpful for building marketing campaigns that will resonate with individual preferences and, as a result, help to drive increased sales and loyalty.

  1. Use budget wisely

Data management platforms like Salesforce Audience Studio, enable you to build specific audiences of people who have previously visited your website or purchased your products. That means you can focus your marketing spend on those who are more likely to convert, rather than spreading a message far and wide, and simply hoping it’ll land with the right person.

What is Salesforce DMP?

There are several different DMPs on the market, but the Salesforce DMP, Salesforce Audience Studio, is one of the most popular. Part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Audience studio compiles data from both its own and external sources to create detailed user profiles.

It allows you to customise and distinguish between these sources to develop marketing campaigns that are tailored to specific users’ needs or interests. Salesforce DMP can handle a large volume of data, which means you can integrate data from partners that use the same tool.

Benefits of Salesforce Audience Studio

The main benefits that customers experience from using Salesforce Audience Studio include:

  1. Complete data profiles

Salesforce is the only DMP that can capture, store and unify data that goes beyond advertising. It has the world’s largest device graph, so it can understand a customer’s unique footprint across all touchpoints, and deliver personalised, relevant messages based on a  single view of each customer (achieved using the Salesforce Audience Builder).

  1. Brand new insights

Thanks to Salesforce Einstein (the organisation’s inbuilt AI tool), Salesforce’s DMP benefits from advanced analytics to analyse billions of data signals across all customer actions to develop new audience segments. These insights are actionable and can drive campaigns and results.

  1. Premium data sources

Salesforce DMP identifies and works exclusively with reliable data sources. This helps you find more prospects and leverage peer-to-peer data sharing with trusted data providers that supply data for your use cases.

Work with a certified Salesforce partner

Celerity is a certified Salesforce partner. Our experts can help you integrate, utilise and customise Salesforce Audience Studio to help you achieve your goals and reach new customers.

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