In today’s age of SMS, apps and instant messaging, mobile is a vital marketing channel that helps drive customer engagement, promote loyalty, and boost sales.

Why use Mobile Studio?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio is one of five channels that make up the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The other channels are Email Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio and Web Studio. Mobile Studio uses mobile-powered communications to help marketers deliver the right content to the right people at the right time – and support campaign development from start to finish. Contact our experts today to discuss your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio requirements. 

Mobile Studio is a tool that enables marketers to fully harness all of these innovative mobile marketing tactics.

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What are the top features?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio offers a range of features to boost your mobile marketing efforts.

Compatibility with multiple communication types enables you to reach customers at any time via all connected devices. You can use SMS to deliver personalised mobile messaging that prompts action, group messages to reach more than one person at once, and push notifications should your brand use apps.

Quality templates allow you to build videos and images into your mobile marketing content for quick and effortless delivery. You can include rich contextual information like event maps, restaurant menus, and live locations to encourage immediate engagement.

Geo-targeting and segmentation make it possible to target your communications to specific local branches and customer bases in those areas. This means you can, for example, send your customers geographically relevant messages that include coupons and promotions for your store closest to them.

Real-time automation means your mobile marketing will never miss a live opportunity to engage with your customers. Mobile Studio’s automation capabilities ensures messages are sent at the right moment based on existing user behaviour. Time-sensitive messages such as password resets, shipping updates, and alerts are delivered using an open API platform.

What are the challenges?

Not all brands have comfortably embraced mobile marketing. Many believe that customers still favour the desktop experience for its visual interactivity. However, the full potential of mobile is starting to be realised – and the channel is continuing to grow in importance.

Marketers can’t rely on mobile marketing alone to deliver a truly multi-channel experience, however, if you neglect mobile as a channel, your brand loses out.

Maximise your use of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio

There is no need to rush the process of building your mobile marketing strategy. You can build your use of Mobile Studio slowly but surely into your Salesforce Marketing Cloud activities.

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We have worked on 50+ Salesforce Marketing Cloud instances including for KFC, First Group and TrustFord,and so we areequipped to help customers benefit from the Marketing Cloud’s mobile, social, web and advertising tools.

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