Marketers are under increased pressure to understand their customers better than ever before. The strength and longevity of any brand depends on how well it knows and engages with its customer base. Database segmentation and profiling can provide enhanced customer insights and help you develop longer-lasting and more loyal relationships.

And this is exactly where Salesforce Marketing Cloud Audience Builder can help. It enables you to build a single view of each customer by segmenting their information according to various fields. These include demographics like age or gender, behavioural indicators like spending habits and the propensity to complete certain actions, such as filling in online forms. Contact our experts today to discuss your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Audience Builder requirements. 

Effective customer segmentation identifies the different personas in your audience, enabling you to target them with highly relevant, personalised marketing materials and sales offers. It also helps you distinguish between lucrative prospects and unprofitable dead-ends.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Audience Builder is the tool that manages all your customer segmentation and profiling needs. It integrates data insights from Social Studio, Email Studio and more to enable you to deliver a far more satisfying customer experience.

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What are Salesforce Marketing Cloud Audience Builder’s top features?

As part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite of products, Audience Builder is a superior marketing software tool that offers a number of benefits.

Its segment drag-and-drop functionality filters data from multiple sources to enhance customer segmentation even further. This helps transform raw customer data into digestible dimensions, making it easy to find for targeted use. With key individual attributes highlighted, marketers can engage in truly personalised customer conversations of any size in any channel.

A dimensions-based approach to customer data enables marketers to discover new opportunities about their customers. They can spot trends quickly, validate new audiences immediately and engage customers at exactly the right moment along the journey. Using predictive scores, marketers can even engage customers based on what they will do next – rather than what they did in the past.

Audience Builder brings together the right data, the right strategy and the right solutions to provide a far superior customer experience that delivers better business results.

Working with a Salesforce Expert

When it comes to Salesforce products, Celerity has all the expertise you need. We provide big data and insight services, assistance with end-to-end system integration, and fully customisable welcome programmes. Our Centre of Excellence team is made up of experienced specialists who develop customised product solutions that allow our clients to benefit from the full capabilities of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, including Audience Builder.

The team has worked on 50+ Marketing Cloud instances including KFC, First Group and TrustFord.  We are well equipped to help all customers benefit from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s mobile, social, web and advertising tools.

To discuss Salesforce Marketing Cloud Audience Builder – and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud – contact one of our specialists today.