Tealium Universal Data Hub & Enterprise Tag Management products come together to provide a powerful suite for managing data across teams, vendors, and customer touch-points in real time. Contact our experts today to discuss your Tealium Universal Data Hub requirements.

With the introduction of stringent data privacy and governance legislation such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it’s more important than ever for brands to make sure they’re using customer information in a responsible, relevant, and safe fashion: particularly when it comes to marketing activities.

The customer data lifecycle

If customers provide you with their valuable personal details, they naturally expect something in return – and if you can’t prove that they’re receiving it, you could face legal, operational, and commercial consequences.

Consumers expect their data to be processed safely and securely, and used for reasons that are relevant to their interests and concerns. An irrelevant email, an errant text message, or a mistimed phone call can at best waste your employees’ time, and at worst scupper potentially fruitful business relationships.

Data has a complex lifecycle and businesses must be sure to handle it carefully and proactively: from collection to standardisation and cleansing, from enrichment to integration with other data sources.

End-to-end data management with Tealium

The Tealium Universal Data Hub can help your company manage this lifecycle in an efficient, responsible and compliant way, collecting information from websites, devices, servers, files, kiosks, and other sources – and at Celerity, we can provide implementation, optimisation and managed services for this suite of products.

Key Tealium products include:

Tealium IQ Tag Management

Tealium IQ Tag Management serves as a centralised foundation that allows businesses to oversee and process customer information and vendors within their marketing technology stack. Conveniently deploy and manage vendor tags and easily trial new software solution and vendor integrations.

Tealium EventStream API Hub

Keep all browser and server-side data in one place with this simple, intuitive collection and delivery solution. Tealium EventStream API Hub is a one-stop hub for marketers to analyse and act on client information.

Tealium AudienceStream

Centralise customer profiles, manage your audiences, and act on real-time insights with Tealium AudienceStream. Connect visitor and client data to form a comprehensive Single Customer View (SCV) of your most important relationships – from the unknown prospect to the long-time patron – and use these profiles to automate personalised digital communications and actions.

Tealium DataAccess

Use the full capability of Audience Stream, IQ Tag Management, EventStream API Hub and other integrations at scale. Tealium DataAccess makes sourcing clean, rich audience and event data easy – allowing you to turn meaningful insights into direct, real-time action.

Product partner solutions from Celerity

With such a comprehensive suite of products, it’s no wonder the Tealium Universal Data Hub & Enterprise Tag Management suite powers more digital experiences than any other enterprise tag management provider in the industry.

As a Tealium Universal Data Hub & Tag Management partner, we can help you implement, optimise and maximise ROI from the set of products. Get in touch with one of our team today to learn more.

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