Structured Implementation Process

Celerity have designed a structured implementation process called ENABLE. The methodology is a five-stage process which our project teams utilize for the implementation and delivery of technology platforms. It provides the steps, tools, training and outputs for the full implementation lifecycle – from initial installation through to launch out to your marketing teams.

We understand that the transition to a new platform should be an enabler for your business and not a disabler. Following the ENABLE process rigorously helps to ensure a seamless transition so that there is minimum disruption for you and your end users. The key aims of the methodology are to minimize business disruptions, offer clients complete transparency and provide cost controls. ENABLE is made up of five key stages:


The first stage focuses on understanding the vision for the project, and identifying the high-level business requirements within your organization. The key deliverables from this stage include an understanding of high-level business requirements, proposal and scope.


During the second stage, Assess, we work with you to define both your current state and your future desired marketing automation state. We map out ideal future states and how to get there. This stage also looks at risks and mitigation, alongside the provision of storyboards and prototypes where required. The key deliverables from this stage are the business requirements document, the statement of work and the project work plan.


The third stage is the Build. This is when we complete the installation and configuration process of the platform and the setup of the various environments. Any data migration and replication of campaign workflows is completed in this stage. The output of this stage is a fully configured and tested environment, plus supporting documentation to provide your team with every detail about how the solution has been created and how it will be used to achieve your objectives to ensure you can be self-sufficient when required and maximize ROI quickly.


At the Launch stage, your new platform is ready to be deployed throughout your organization. We will have worked with your teams to create a communication plan to announce and promote the launch and we would have also begun delivering a comprehensive training program to enable your teams as effectively as possible. At the end of the Launch stage, you can expect fully trained users and a live platform.


The Evolve stage is where we look at how we can optimize your new platform. We’ll create a technology roadmap which provides details of upgrades, developments and new modules to increase functionality and build capabilities. We also look at on-going support plans in this stage and usually introduce our IMPACT team.

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