The world of marketing technology is fast-paced and ever-changing – and this can make it difficult for businesses to identify the right campaign management software to meet their specific requirements. You can’t choose randomly; the software must align with your marketing setup and help you to deliver on your business objectives.

Regardless of how challenging it may seem, your business must modernize its use of marketing technology to keep up with the ever-increasingly digitalization of the customer journey and ensure the delivery of high-quality, highly targeted campaigns.

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While every organization’s needs will be different, there are several key features that most will look for in a campaign management software solution:

  • Ability to automate campaign delivery across multiple channels
  • Strong analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Support planning and collaboration across teams
  • Easy integration with complementary solutions
  • Ability to design and store creative assets for marketing content
  • Targeted segmentation and profiling

Technology Solutions and Consultancy

Celerity is an expert in the implementation, integration and customization of marketing management software solutions. We advise clients on the marketing technology infrastructure that aligns closely with their needs and how specific software elements should be configured to deliver the best results.

Celerity was one of the first companies to truly embrace marketing automation technology in 2008. Our Global Centre of Excellence is led by a team of hand-picked experts from around the world. This, combined with our chosen partner, Adobe Marketing Cloud, enables us to drive tangible results in record time.

Our experience with the Adobe Marketing Cloud gives brands that partner with us complete peace of mind. We boast a record number of successful implementations along with expert training to enable brands to become self-sufficient when using their campaign management software. Our trainers often see full user enablement in as little as three months, allowing our clients to start seeing a rapid return on investment from the get-go.

Systems Integration Services

Many of our clients have existing systems that can’t simply be replaced with a new solution. Our integration expertise enables businesses to fully harness and exploit marketing automation, without compromising their existing infrastructure.

We have experience integrating solutions with a wide range of enterprise technologies such as DAM, EPOS, CRM, Analytics and ecommerce systems to name a few. We are also often asked to create bespoke customization, so we can carefully craft the right solution for your business.

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