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Database marketing services are extremely important for businesses who are serious about getting to know their customers. Accumulating customer information and analyzing it is an ongoing struggle for most businesses. Many find it all too easy to pursue ‘big data’ at the expense of the right data with volume taking precedent over relevance.

A database marketing strategy that is not optimized for the business’ needs becomes an exercise in knowing the most customers, instead of knowing enough about the right customers. Sources of information come in many forms, and they can often be disparate and un-unified – preventing the marketer from knowing and understanding everything they need to know to sell more effectively.

We can change that.

Custom database marketing services 

We specialize in database marketing services, and have considerable experience and expertise in devising and deploying solutions for businesses just like yours.

Relevant customer data takes many forms, and if brands hope to understand their customers on an individual level, they need to capture it, unify it and make it available to all stakeholders in a way that is actionable for them.

We know how data can be captured, processed, and understood. Better still, we can turn it to your business’ advantage. Using advanced analytics, segmentation, and profiling, we can help you create relevant, targeted and personalized communications and campaigns – tailored to the specific preferences of your customers. And if you have several siloed databases, we can unify them with our single customer view solutions.

Your customers expect this. They want communications that matter to them: messages that speak to their needs and their preferences, on the platforms they like to use.

Our database marketing services are designed to delight them at every touch point.

Why Celerity?

Our experts have the experience and capabilities needed to deliver customized, intelligent database marketing services to your business. We provide single customer view solutions that create meaningful insights – and we can pair them with robust, customizable database management solutions.

As an ISO 27001 accredited company, we provide guidance in full compliance with the Data Protection Act, the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), and all relevant security legislation.

Throughout our years of operating in the international data consultancy market, we have achieved a stellar reputation, grown considerably, and won several awards. We have significant experience with technology partners such as Adobe and Salesforce, and know the Adobe Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud inside out – we can make elements from every marketing suite work together in harmony.

Put your confidence in us –  smart database marketing services can make your customer information work much harder for you. To find out more, contact one of our expert consultants today.

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