Our data insight services support brands with the collection, analysis and interpretation of customer data to draw out actionable insights for their marketing campaigns. We give our clients visibility into their audiences, revealing their individual preferences, motivations, and aspirations. We help them to understand what triggers certain customer behaviors and how they can predict actions before they happen.

Armed with these customer data insights, our clients can affect change in behavior for mutual benefit. This could be as simple as targeting specific customers with cross and up- sell offers based on their individual motivators, or delivering on-point messages to customers who may be about to lapse using a solution like Adobe Campaign. These insights enable brands to communicate better, ultimately improving customer acquisition and retention rates, while increasing customer lifetime value.

Insight-powered personalization 

Personalization is redefining how brands communicate with their customers. There is more emphasis than ever before on delivering on-message content that is also individually relevant. Our data insight services can help you pull together the information you need to create hyper-targeted, one-to-one customer interactions.

Personalized marketing is a powerful tactic that is used to deliver a specific message to an individual or customer segment, using the right channels at the right time. However, this is only possible if you have access to the right data, not just any data. Maintaining the health of your database is crucial. Brands need to know where to find the relevant customers – and most importantly, understand how these customers like to be reached. Only the right customer data insights will help campaigns make a memorable personal connection.

Segmentation, profiling and propensity modelling

To communicate better with their customers, brands need to know their customers better. Segmentation and profiling can give brands powerful insights. Segmentation is the process of dividing a customer base into groups that share certain characteristics. These include a variety of factors such as demographics and geography, and behavioral indicators like spending habits or the propensity to complete certain actions, for example, responding to a text message or purchasing one particular product variant over another.

Propensity modelling can analyze the relationship between the brand and the customer. It helps brands to predict and track what a customer is likely to do and when they’ll do it. These customer data insights help brands match personas with typical behaviors, enabling them to target each customer segment with relevant, personalized marketing communications.

Our award-winning data insight services 

Through our unequalled ability to gather and detail client requirements, we can give brands control of their campaign efficacy. Whether you need a one-off segmentation project or a partner to provide on-going insight to complement your in-house team. Our award-winning customer data insights team effortlessly converts data into intelligence to help you drive decisions and promote meaningful communication with your customers.

Celerity helps brands:

  • Establish their key marketing and customer data goals
  • Get to know their customers better using segmentation and profiling
  • Identify the most important customer data within the existing database
  • Focus on lucrative opportunities and prioritize key customers
  • Target customers based on shared characteristics
  • Deliver more personalized, relevant content
  • Determine the right marketing channels and timings
  • Advise on and help to orchestrate data-driven marketing campaigns using sophisticated tools within the Adobe Marketing Cloud

These are essential techniques to help brands achieve the holy grail of marketing – a water tight Single Customer View and ultra-personalized marketing communications across all key channels.

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