We build powerful marketing databases

The marketing database is the foundation that supports consumer and business intelligence as well as the management of all the interactions between your brand and audiences. A great marketing database should look to unify customer data to provide consistently positive customer experiences across all channels and touch-points.

This requires a flexible database design strategy that has the power to support critical scale and real-time data integration. We create single customer view databases that meet your immediate requirements and provide a scalable, robust solution for the years ahead. Our solutions effortlessly manage the vast data volumes and varieties created in today’s complex world of advanced technologies and new social behaviours; with comprehensive ETL processes to create an aggregated, consistent and holistic representation of your customer data.

The benefits of a single customer view

Without an all-encompassing single customer view, you are almost certainly marketing to identical or incorrect records. This could have a number of implications on your marketing activities including sending duplicate, inconsistent messages to the same person and skewing results. You could be trying to sell a customer something they looked at online, without knowing they already went into store and bought it there. For this same reason, you probably won’t be able to tell who the highest value customers are or have any visibility into what marketing is working and what isn’t.

A single customer view also provides a platform to build upon. With a solid foundation, brands can implement best-of-breed technologies for advanced analytics and automated campaign execution.

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