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Adobe Campaign is the only conversational marketing technology that truly empowers organisations to start and sustain one-to-one customer dialogues. With first class email and inbound-outbound channel fusion capabilities, Adobe Campaign can automate the execution of mobile, social, email and offline campaigns. Driven by an intelligent, decision based engine, the visionary technology enables marketers to achieve measurable results in record time. Contact our experts today to discuss your Adobe Campaign requirements.

Adobe Campaign’s integrated customer profile enables marketers to unify data from both offline and online sources, in order to build a complete view of the customer. This information can inform truly personalised marketing messages. Marketing automation solutions also allow marketers to move away from labour-intensive and time-consuming manual processes and improve marketing efficiency, while delivering better customer experiences.

Celerity was a founding partner to Neolane in 2008 and our shared desire to continuously adapt to the requirements of our clients and their customers drove breakthroughs in system integration and multi-channel campaign management capability. Together, we have helped our clients dramatically improve the speed, relevance and profitability of their campaigns.

Our great relationship with Neolane, along with a record number of successful implementations, expert training and continued support led us to become the UK’s first Neolane gold partner in 2010. We continued to support the company through Adobe’s acquisition and integration as Adobe Campaign, the sixth element to the world-renowned Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Campaign also seamlessly integrates with Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics, to deliver personalised, cross-channel, real-time marketing campaigns. This powerful marketing platform provides superior customer experiences – ensuring the right data is always at your fingertips, and personalised communications, via any channel, are delivered at the optimum time.

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Accredited Adobe Campaign partner

As with all of our partnerships, we don’t do things in half measures – we have invested to build an unequalled team of the world’s top certified Adobe Campaign experts that have delivered a record number of successful implementations, as well as training and solution optimisation. We have developed numerous customisations to the platform to ensure it is absolutely fit-for-purpose for our clients.

The Celerity team is particularly experienced working with businesses in the retail, hospitality and automotive sectors. That said, it is in no way sector specific and the team’s specialist skills cater to companies of all sizes across all industries. Some clients we have worked with are Nissan, Greene King, William Hill and Elsevier, successfully solving their marketing challenges, and helping them deliver outstanding customer experiences with Adobe Campaign’s email and inbound-outbound omnichannel capabilities.

In 2015, we received a Partner Recognition Award for Outstanding Contribution. We were also proud to achieve specialisation accreditation for Adobe Campaign in EMEA. These awards are recognition of our ability, at a global scale, to leverage Adobe’s market leading digital marketing technology and help our clients to deliver outstanding customer experiences. In order to achieve the specialisation certification, our expert teams participated in training and passed exams.

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