Harness the value in your customer data

Businesses are generating enormous volumes of data every day. The amount of new customer information is overwhelming and creates big challenges for marketers. Without the right customer analytics software, trying to make sense of all the information, which often becomes out of date very quickly, isn’t easy.

Data comes in many forms and from many different sources. It accumulates quickly, but quantity is no sure indicator of quality. To gain meaningful and actionable insights that will help marketers target customers more effectively, they need to unlock the value embedded in their data stores.

Tailored customer analytics software

We have a wealth of experience delivering custom customer analytics software solutions and services to a range of businesses and sectors. Our expertise helps our clients meet their growth objectives, reducing marketing costs and increasing their customer satisfaction levels.

To personalize their marketing efforts, brands need to understand their customers on an individual level. This means they need the right tools to analyze the data, highlight important insights and make them available to all stakeholders to enable immediate action.

Our chosen partner technology, Adobe Analytics, supports powerful data analysis and visualization; empowering clients across the globe with fingertip access to the insight in their data.

Celerity and Adobe Analytics 

Adobe Analytics, part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, helps brands understand their customer analytics. This, in turn, helps them ensure their digital marketing is aligned to and supporting overall business objectives. Optimizing marketing effort and spend and, importantly – driving conversions by focusing on the most important relevant online customer experiences.

Clients are able to gain a real-time understanding of customer interactions across all touch points, and find the golden nuggets of insight within large and complex data sets pulled from multiple sources.

The only way for companies to synchronize, understand and optimize their marketing efforts across ever-growing customer interaction channels, is to ensure they have the right suite of products to analyze what is going on and effectively action this insight.

Why Celerity?

Our experts have the experience and skills to deploy customized, intelligent customer analytics software within your business.

We enable brands to create robust and repeatable marketing processes, based on an understanding of their customers’ behaviors and motivations. We can provide platform consultancy; integration and development; insight; reporting and dashboards; and support services for Adobe Analytics.

Our specialist Adobe teams can also customize other Adobe products to meet your business needs and environment. They take a results-driven approach that is scalable, cost-effective and reliable. We are an Adobe Marketing Cloud Partner and our team specializes in five of the Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions: Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target and Adobe Audience Manager.

We help marketing teams harness the value in their marketing data to drive insights that convert into better customer experiences.

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