Adobe Target is a digital marketing solution that enables data-driven marketers to test their channels quickly and create high-converting, personalized customer experiences. Every stage of the customer journey is tested to improve engagement and convert interested leads. Contact our experts today to discuss your Adobe Target requirements. 

As part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Target can deliver segment-specific experiences across all digital interactions using any data source. It’s ability to optimize the mobile app experience based on user behavior and mobile context helps marketers stay ahead of unpredictable consumer habits and keep their communication strategies relevant.

Adobe Target in action

A good digital marketer knows that using tired marketing standards that simply mimic a competitor won’t deliver results. To make a real impact and surpass financial goals, a digital marketing strategy needs to identify the most profitable customers and learn about them. What attracts them to certain websites, deals, products and services? What gets them to stay longer, spend more money and come back for more?

Adobe Target helps figure out what customers want quickly and easily. Instead of asking IT for assistance, a digital marketing team can use Adobe Target to conduct tests on their website, emails, banners and apps. Different combinations are experimented with automatically and in real time, revealing valuable insights. With each test, more information is discovered that clarifies priority customer segments and how to target them. Each digital interaction is maximized to deliver a highly relevant experience for each customer segment, enhanced by relevant, personalized content.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

The Adobe Marketing Cloud platform is now part of the Adobe Experience Cloud and offers a comprehensive and integrated set of digital marketing solutions designed for every industry. These marketing technologies focus on cross-channel campaign management, testing and targeting, content creation, video, social engagement and campaign orchestration, all under one roof. With data and content brought together, marketing teams can create and execute superior customer experiences that deliver outstanding business results.

Why Celerity?

Celerity is a data marketing and analytics consultancy. We are certified Adobe partners and have years of experience delivering solutions within the Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud platforms.

We specialize in platform consultancy and our team has in-depth understanding of how to successfully implement Adobe Target, as well as integrate it with other platforms within the Adobe Experience Cloud.

The Celerity team is committed to delivering high quality service. Their skills and capabilities are honed with training and experience. Our Global Centre of Excellence, dedicated to Adobe Experience Cloud technologies, ensures that our staff are fully adept at implementing all the tools in the Adobe software suite.

To find out how Adobe Target, or any one of the Adobe products, can help solve your marketing challenges, contact our team of Adobe certified experts today.

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