Getting to know your customers and prospects can be difficult, but it’s worth doing – for you and for them. A 2016 report from Accenture found that 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business that can recognize their name, know their past purchase history, or identify options for them based on this history. What’s more a 2016 report from Gartner found that, by 2020, smart personalization engines will allow digital businesses to increase profits by 15%.

Of course, personalization isn’t simple, and it’s easy to get wrong. Having the right information and managing it effectively is key – and tools like Adobe Audience Manager can help. Contact our experts today to discuss your Adobe Audience Manager requirements. 

Adobe Audience Manager: understand your customers

Adobe Audience Manager is a data management platform (DMP) that helps businesses gain valuable insights into their customers and prospects.

It is part of the Adobe Analytics Cloud, itself part of the Adobe Experience Cloud – a set of powerful digital business solutions. The platform allows marketers to identify the attributes, behaviors, and preferences of their target audiences across every digital channel they use, to segment these audiences according to this information; and to more effectively target communications at those who might be receptive.

How it works

Adobe Audience Manager serves as a customer profile management system that ties together disparate strands of user data from multiple channels into a single, accessible view. For marketers, it’s a simple, convenient, and intuitive tool that allows them to target receptive and interested customers with relevant offers.

Your end-users’ information is scattered across many different formats – each one using a different kind of visitor identification system. CRM systems, testing tools, ad networks, and more will all have their own distinct methods of user verification.

Adobe Audience Manager brings these identities together within a single profile. A unifying Audience Manager ID serves as the master ID, with every other system ID accessible through a lookup table. This allows the marketer to gain unparalleled insight into customer preferences and behaviors – thereby enabling superior segmentation and personalization. Data from web analytics can highlight the pages they’ve visited or the product categories they’re most interested in; data from ad networks can highlight the marketing material they’ve come across; location data can tell you where they live – and Adobe Audience Manager brings it all together.

Why Celerity?

At Celerity, we provide comprehensive data marketing and analytics consultancy. We are certified Adobe partners, and have extensive experience working with the solutions within the Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud platforms.

As platform consultancy specialists, we are well-placed to advise on implementation of Adobe Audience Manager and the other constituent parts of the Adobe Experience Cloud. Our own R&D initiatives have been adopted by Adobe, and as an Adobe Campaign specialist partner, we provide vital support for the company’s direct client projects.

Celerity’s team is experienced, capable, and committed to continuous improvement. We maintain a Global Centre of Excellence dedicated to Adobe Experience Cloud technologies: our staff keep their skills sharp and their training up-to-date, and our delivery methodology is designed to help customers become fully self-sufficient – with Adobe Audience Manager and all other tools in the Adobe software suite.

To discuss your marketing challenges – or to find out more about this Adobe tool and the Adobe Experience Cloud – contact one of our specialists today.

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