Advertising has been revolutionised by technology, and it’s now commonplace for customers to interact with brands across multiple channels like apps and email. This makes it more complicated for digital marketers to keep track of target audiences. It also makes engaging and retaining them, difficult. And when marketers conquer these challenges, they often lack tools for quickly implementing their advertising campaigns, while simultaneously integrating them with their wider marketing strategies.

This is where Salesforce Advertising Studio comes in. It allows marketers to combine digital advertising, marketing, and CRM data in one place, helping build personalised customer experiences. Contact our experts today to discuss your Salesforce Advertising Studio requirements. 

What is Salesforce Advertising Studio?

Salesforce Advertising Studio is a campaign management and CRM targeting solution for digital marketing campaigns. It’s a part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite, making it perfect for customer-centric marketing strategies.

It helps you get the most value out of the CRM data you collect. It uses customer data collected from mobile push interactions, site conversions, and email campaigns to target existing customers and lookalike audiences across social, mobile and display advertising networks.

How can Advertising Studio help your business?

Access data across platforms: Advertising Studio gives you access to data stored in Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud. Having all your data in one place helps shape and guide your advertising.

Protect Customer data: Customer data never leaves the safety of the encrypted Salesforce platform.

Reach audiences at scale: With Salesforce Advertising Studio, you can synchronise customer records instantly from any digital channel and ensure they’re always up to date, no matter how many campaigns you’re managing.

Finding new customers: Discover new potential customers who behave like your current high-value customers using Salesforce tools for lookalike and similar audiences.

Align email and advertising campaigns: Coordinate advertising with email to reach more people and increase conversion chances by sharing messages with customers in both channels.

Reengage inactive subscribers: Find and reconnect with customers who have drifted and communicate with them on their preferred channel (increasing the possibility of reengaging them).

 Generate more leads: Drive powerful lead generation and customer acquisition campaigns.

Automate leads from social media: Automatically send leads from social media channels such as Facebook, into Salesforce, so your sales and marketing teams can take action immediately.

Get help from our Salesforce experts today

 At Celerity, we pride ourselves on our Salesforce expertise. We can help you get the most out of Salesforce Advertising Studio, from securely managing your customer data and generating insights to attracting new prospects and customising your outreach.

If you’re looking for help with the Salesforce Advertising Studio, contact our team today.