Acquiring new audiences and customers is the main goal of marketing efforts. But traditional avenues for finding new customers are costly, complex and opaque, because they were designed with the middlemen in mind (think data brokers and resellers) rather than the marketer. In addition, publishers are increasingly reluctant to share their data, worried that they’re giving away goldmines.

Neither side wants to lose. Both want to get the most out of data, without giving it away to middlemen. There must be a better way.

This is where Salesforce Data Studio comes in. Contact our experts today to discuss your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Data Studio requirements. 

What is Salesforce Data Studio?

Part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Data Studio is the leading data sharing platform on the market. It allows data buyers and creators to connect and create marketing opportunities that help companies discover new audiences.

Salesforce Data Studio is a transparent platform that serves both parties. Marketers can expand their reach to valuable audiences and publishers can monetise their data by working directly with buyers. In fact, it’s so transparent that sellers know who is buying the data, why they’re buying it, and the length of time the data remains available for use.

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Benefits of Salesforce Data Studio

Marketers have a lot to gain from using Salesforce Data Studio, including:

Create richer audiences

Salesforce Data Studio helps marketers unearth deep insights about existing and potential targets with advanced audience discovery tools. They can create data partnerships with the premium data providers and get exclusive custom audiences that aren’t available elsewhere. And, they can activate their data without limits – Salesforce Data Studio integrates with over 200 activation channels, making reaching new prospects nice and easy.

Take control of your data

Salesforce Data Studio is the only platform that has direct data deals with large retailers and other walled gardens, so marketers can be rest assured that they’re working with the best data around. Its provisioning tools are powered by real data rights management and the easy-to-use reporting and management tools automatically comply with new regulations.

Increase revenue

With Salesforce Data Studio, sellers are exposed to Salesforce’s lucrative set of demand partners. Sellers are given the tools they need to share their data directly, so that they can expose their premium audiences to the world’s largest enterprise marketers. Sellers have granular provisioning tools that give them more control over how and with whom they’re sharing data, and they can either make their data publicly available, or only do private peer-to-peer data sharing with trusted partners.

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud expertise

At Celerity, our team of Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts have over 40 combined years of experience helping companies all over the world build bespoke marketing technology stacks. We can help with system integration, drive customer data insights, and maximise the ROI on your software investment. We can help your company choose and integrate the right solutions so that you can experience the full benefits of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform.

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