Many marketers will sympathise with the feeling that you can never gain a complete understanding of the customer journey from end-to-end. Customer behaviours preferences are constantly changing, so it’s important to gather data on their purchasing journey at a granular level.

This is exactly where Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder can help. It gives you greater control and insight over the customer journey and allows you to analyse the data, so that you can improve the customer experience. Contact our experts today to discuss your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder requirements. 

Salesforce Journey Builder is the tool that ties all of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud activities together. It’s a feature of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud that manages the customer lifecycle: the steps a customer goes through when researching, considering, purchasing, and maintaining loyalty.

Salesforce Journey Builder allows you to connect every sales and service interaction across email, mobile, advertising and the web into one seamless customer experience (or ‘journey’).

With Journey Builder, you can orchestrate your entire customer lifecycle, integrating activities from Social Studio, Mobile Studio, Email Studio and more, to deliver a seamless multi-channel experience.

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What are Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder’s top features?

As the name suggests, Journey Builder helps you build your customer’s journeys from start to finish, enabling you to collect data from the beginning of the sales journey through to the end.

You can then use this data to tailor your marketing in direct response to what your target audience is doing online. It also allows you to stay alert to your customers’ changing needs, enabling you to adjust your engagement to match their preferences.

Journey Builder only works to its full effectiveness if you feed it customer data that is correctly segmented. However, without the right tools, segmentation can be complex.

How can brands maximise their use of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder?

To make the most of Journey Builder, you need to use Automation Studio effectively. Automation Studio is a part of Journey Builder that facilities the automation of your brand journeys across all channels, and also helps you to filter and segment your data correctly. Segmentation is crucial because it allows you to use Journey Builder to schedule more personalised campaigns.

Automation Studio allows you to set up a whole range of different types of automation – from very simple to very complex. It also allows you to write advanced SQL queries and data filters for more effective segmentation.

Working with a Salesforce Expert

Celerity is an expert in Salesforce products, which means that we can offer end-to-end system integration assistance, big data and insight services, and fully customisable welcome programmes. We have bolstered our Centre of Excellence expertise by bringing onboard experienced specialists, upskilling our existing team members, and creating customised product solutions that allow our clients to benefit from the full capabilities of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, including Salesforce Journey Builder.

Our professional services team has over 40 years of experience and know how to successfully manage implementations and maximise the return on investment from the tool.  Our team has worked on 50+ Marketing Cloud instances including KFC, First Group and TrustFord and hence is equipped to help customers benefit from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s mobile, social, web and advertising tools.

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