Why use Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder?

Because email marketing, despite occasional rumours of its death, is alive, well, and more important to your business than ever before. But the fact that email marketing can have a transformative effect on your business doesn’t mean that it will. The right strategy, the right message, and the right platform can have a dramatic impact on how well your campaigns perform.

Content Builder, an essential tool within the wider Salesforce Marketing Cloud Platform, can help you design, distribute, and manage emails more easily and with greater personalisation – giving you time and space to focus on developing campaigns that get results. Contact our experts today to discuss your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder requirements. 

Here’s how Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder can transform your company’s marketing strategy for the better.

The personal touch

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder, you can use dynamic content blocks to target specific audience segments. This means you can deliver a more personalised experience – one that speaks directly to your customers and their most urgent requirements.

You can also avoid building multiple versions of the same message by customising data-specific sections within each individual message. Never lose a customer to a needless unsubscribe again.

Control your communications

With Content Builder’s special permissions, you can ensure consistency across all communications – using colours, styles, and headers that reflect your brand and make your messaging unmistakeable. This is especially important for teams with less technical skills or for distributed marketing set-ups. For example, franchises who need to manage localised marketing content across multiple geographical locations, yet at the same time ensure complete brand consistency.

Using specific content areas, you can also exercise more specific control over how and what you send to your customer base.

Try before they buy

Content Builder offers subscriber preview functionality – enabling you to see how your emails will look before you send them out. With a pre-flight feature, you can double check content and quality to make extra sure that the message you’re distributing is the one you intended to deliver.

Accelerating content creation

Use Content Builder Accelerator to customise messaging in a streamlined way. Get recommendations on best practices – and guide new users through the latest features and tips with the “walk with me” tutorial tip to improve understanding and foster collaboration based on your specific business objectives.

Why Celerity?

At Celerity, our team of Salesforce experts is constantly investing in and developing our knowledge and capability with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. We have 40 years of collective experience and offer end-to-end systems integration experience, custom welcome programmes, and insight integration.

Our professional services team understands how to successfully manage implementations of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and ensure that your investment in the platform – and in our services – is worthwhile. We can help you launch your email marketing campaigns, and much more besides: our experts offer a holistic, integrated service that can incorporate mobile, social, advertising, and web tools depending on your requirements.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder can take your campaigns to the next level – and we can help you get it up and running. Find out more by contacting a member of our team here.