Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful suite of tools, empowering businesses to effectively execute their strategies – from simple email marketing to complex cross-channel campaign management. Salesforce is positioned as the leading platform, according to both Forrester and Gartner Enterprise Marketing Suite Analyses. Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud – formerly ExactTarget – excels among targeted digital marketing platforms, but its hundreds of features can seem intimidating to get to grips with.

That’s where we come in. We are certified Salesforce specialists, and offer customised Salesforce Marketing Cloud training designed to help you and your team maximise ROI – whether your company are seasoned users or just getting started. Contact our experts today to discuss your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Training requirements. 

Our Salesforce training process: ACT

There’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ training. Every company has unique needs and requirements, and generalised training – particularly in a tool as large as Salesforce Marketing Cloud – can’t address the particular ways in which your team uses it. That’s why we use an ACT (Assess, Customise, and Train) structure to tailor our Salesforce Marketing Cloud training to your company’s exact needs.

Assess: Because every company is different, we need to begin by finding out how your company currently uses Marketing Cloud. This highlights the areas that our training will need to focus on and allows our product specialists to cut out any irrelevant material.

The assessment also involves identifying employees with the right skillsets to be ‘super-users’. These employees will receive extra Salesforce Marketing Cloud training to become in-company experts. Post-training, super-users will teach new employees and will be the first place that other employees go when they’re having trouble with the platform.

Customise: Once we have built a robust understanding of your company’s needs, we can start to structure our Salesforce Marketing Cloud training. We use a combination of one-to-one sessions, real-world desk-side training, and group discussions to suit various skill and experience levels.

We create unique training materials for each company we work with. This includes the training itself, as well as videos and presentations, which your company keeps after the training has ended. You can use them to train new employees or refresh your existing team on exactly how your company uses the platform to support its marketing efforts.

Train: We provide on-site training, directly to end-users. Our individual and group sessions cover everything that the team will need to know for their specific use case and conclude with comprehensive testing to ensure that everybody is up to speed.

The ACT training methodology is just one part of our larger, five-stage strategy called ‘ENABLE’ – which stands for Engage Assess, Build, Launch (which is where ACT fits in) and Evolve. We use it to ensure that every company that we work with receives robust, well-planned support. We care about supporting our clients, whether they’re Salesforce platform novices or just looking to refresh their skills.

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Benefits of our Salesforce Marketing Cloud training

The custom-designed training programmes we create for our clients cover practical ways to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud for the skills required. These often include accelerating campaign execution, real-time personalisation and data handling

Ultimately, we aspire to make our clients self-sufficient with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, so that they can leverage the platform to maximise their productivity. This is the reason behind our focus on super-users, as they provide an ongoing capacity for troubleshooting and onboarding within the company long after the end of our formal training.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner

At Celerity, we are proud to be a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner. We have worked hard to establish ourselves, from investing in resources, training our team, and working with countless companies to get the greatest return on their investment in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Celerity’s broad expertise also includes end-to-end system integration, big data services and insight integration, among countless other specialities. Collectively, our professional services team boasts 40 years of experience managing implementation and maximising ROI, and they’re ready to help your business.

Our experts can help you find out how Salesforce Marketing Cloud training can benefit your company, so contact us today.