Salesforce Personalization Builder

The Salesforce Personalization Builder tool is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud software suite. It uses the power of predictive intelligence to gain insight into each customer’s buying preferences and deliver highly personalised content. Brands can therefore reach their audiences more effectively; converting more leads, winning loyal influencers and cutting through the online noise to hit their targets.

Salesforce Personalization Builder helps you better understand how your customers behave and why. It creates a multidimensional overview of your customers’ behavioural history, real-time interactions, and buying preferences to predict how they will act in the future. These insights can then be put to effective use, driving your customer engagement strategy across all relevant channels. Contact our experts today to discuss your Salesforce Personalization Builder requirements.

How your customers experience your brand is crucial to successfully engaging with them. Important decisions can be predicted and automated using Salesforce Personalization Builder. Big data is leveraged to determine the optimal journey for every customer, enabling you to build precise audience segments, and automate targeted content and messaging.

Personalisation is key. It turns standard, mass-produced content into hyper-relevant messaging. Personalised emails for example, have a greater chance of being opened and engaged with than their standard ‘spray and pray’ counterparts. Only the most contextually relevant communication will generate a positive response from your audience. Salesforce Personalization Builder helps you place the right content into your email and web messaging along the customer journey. Machine learning capabilities allow you to continuously adapt and improve the customer journey, keeping content relevant and engagement positive.

You can use Salesforce Personalization Builder in conjunction with the other channels and platforms available on Salesforce Marketing Cloud to enhance your marketing campaigns even further. Content Builder for example, manages all content and assets in one location. Its advanced search functions are complemented by its ability to oversee approvals in real-time. Analytics Builder tracks the performance of campaigns, measures their success and uses predictive analytics to extract valuable insights from the data to adjust a campaign accordingly.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, formerly ExactTarget, offers hundreds of features to help brands execute targeted communications, from basic email marketing to sophisticated cross-channel campaign management. Salesforce is recognised as one of the world’s most powerful one-to-one digital marketing platforms and Salesforce Personalization Builder is one of its most important tools.

In today’s uber-connected world, every customer interaction matters. Salesforce Personalization Builder helps you make the most of every message, helping you manage the customer journey across all channels.

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Salesforce Experts

Celerity has a team of experts in Salesforce products. Our Centre of Excellence expertise has been boosted by a significant investment in our resources. The result is an experienced team of experts and a product portfolio of solutions that allow our clients to benefit from the full capabilities of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, including Salesforce Personalization Builder.

Celerity offers end to end system integration experience, big data and insight integration and fully customisable welcome programmes. Our professional services team boast over 40 years of experience and know how to successfully manage implementations and maximise the return on investment from the tool and enable customers to benefit from Salesforce Personalization Builder, mobile, social, web and advertising tools.