Microsoft SQL Server Silver Accredited Partner

The volume and complexity of data is increasing everywhere, and the ability to use it is becoming more important for brands. Brands must balance the impact of this explosion in data with the need for high uptime, stricter regulatory guidelines, and a digital world where customers expect and demand more.

Brands need mission-critical performance, stability, security, availability, and the ability to use their data to develop real insights about their business. Microsoft SQL Server is designed to deliver all of those capabilities at a lower cost with higher return than the competition.

Celerity have been building marketing single customer views on the Microsoft SQL server platform for the past decade with great success. The continued investment in our techniques and in the platform capabilities of SQL Server means we are able to offer our clients scalable, cost effective and future proofed marketing database solutions.

Capability developments include in-memory processing, flexible hosting set-ups and native JSON support to enable the integration of data from schema-less, document based databases such as MongoDB and Azure DocumentDB. These capabilities allow brands to process and action higher volumes of data, in a way that they want, from any source.

Flexible functionality and critical reliability

Celerity holds a long-standing relationship with Microsoft. Our relationship provides us with direct access to technical expertise within their organisation and their UK headquarters facilities. As with all of our partnerships, we actively keep well-informed of Microsoft SQL Server’s latest developments within data warehousing and business intelligence and invest heavily in our development staffs training and certification.

SQL Server is the heart of Celerity’s intelligent database solutions, which ensures that the systems we build for our clients can integrate seamlessly into their existing enterprise. We appreciate the requirement for scalability along with exponential demand for the storage of information and Microsoft offers flexible functionality and critical reliability.

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