Powerful data analysis and visualisation

The Apteco FastStats software suite provides a powerful platform for data mining, data analysis, campaign management and reporting; all through a fast, intuitive and truly easy to use drag and drop interface.

We’ve been partners with Apteco since 2005, so our combination of technical, practical and strategic FastStats skills is some of the best in the world’s – and we have a proven history of utilising the system to create a highly dynamic analytics and visualisation solution. We have many examples of where we have used the technology to create award-winning campaigns and how we have developed strategies built on actionable insight that deliver rapid ROI.

We also have one of the highest number and quality of accredited trainers in the world, including officially certified FastStats training consultants who help our clients to build their own team of users that are able to champion the software through their business. In recognition of our success as a partner, Celerity has achieved “Apteco FastStats Top Performing Partner” in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Apteco Faststats Discoverer

Apteco FastStats Discoverer is the suite used for data exploration and visualisation. It loads data from multiple sources easily, and provides a simple drag and drop interface to allow your team to perform powerful analysis with ease, and to generate meaningful and actionable views of your data. There are additional modules to provide modelling and reporting capabilities, as well as a geo module that integrates with maps to provide a visual spatial distribution of customers. You can also create segments for accurate targeting and build predictive models using integrated statistical techniques.

Apteco Faststats PeopleStage

Apteco FastStats PeopleStage provides a powerful platform to enable marketers to automate timely, event driven, targeted and personalised campaigns using call centres, email, SMS, social and direct mail. PeopleStage enables you to define your marketing communications using an intuitive, zoom-able interface that is shared with your colleagues and executed automatically. The tool enables you to coordinate multi-channel, multi-stage event driven marketing communications. It also provides comprehensive campaign reporting detailing key metrics such as ROI, uplift, clicks, bounces, shares and comments.

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