At Celerity, we unlock Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration opportunities – helping brands to get the most out of this market-leading technology and build long-lasting, personalised relationships with their target customers. Contact our experts today to discuss your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration requirements. 

Here’s how we do it, and why it matters.

Why integration matters

Larger enterprises might benefit from a single vendor approach, but most marketing teams are best off using a range of specialised technologies in order to reach the full potential of their marketing activities. At Celerity, we know that tightly integrated martech stacks are the key to seamlessly automating marketing activities.

These stacks typically offer greater control over key areas – so if you want to check on email marketing performance, you can use the tools best suited to the task, rather than the tools a single vendor would provide. You can implement solutions as and when they’re needed through a ‘plug and play’ approach, meaning you don’t have to be stuck with an entire suite of tools when you only need one or two complementary integrations. Integration gives you a martech stack that meets all your requirements.

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How we can help with your Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration

At Celerity, we’re a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner, and we can advise you on the implementation and integration of tools that are native to the suite – and any external tools you might want to use with it.

Salesforce Success Cloud makes it easy to explore native integrations for the Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Service Cloud, and Salesforce DMP, while the out-of-the-box capabilities that come with Salesforce Marketing Cloud include specific tools for email marketing, mobile, social media, journey building, customer segmentation, and more.

The problem for many businesses is knowing how to get these tools – and any external tools – to work together. An orchestra has to have the right combination of instruments to play the music the conductor wants, after all.

So which instruments can you play? We can help you use a wide range of tools. These include:

Specialist marketing tools: If you want to use specialist products for areas like social media, SMS, and advertising, there’s nothing stopping you.

CRM systems: If you want to use parts of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud without using the core Salesforce CRM system, we can help integrate the tool of your choice. We have experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrations into other common CRM systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics or home-grown solutions.

Data management systems:  We can advise on how best to use data management systems like the Tealium Universal Data Hub with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, along with any other tools you might select for your martech stack. You can use these tools to help create a single customer view – the holy grail of marketing.

Analytical products. We can help integrate specialist analytics tools with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, helping you to get the best insights out of the data you have.

We continue to add external integrations to Salesforce Marketing Cloud as necessary so that your brand can build a customised martech stack that meets its specific marketing needs, from day-to-day management workflow to sophisticated audience segmentation and profiling.

Whether your requirements are traditional or atypical, we can create custom solutions to suit your needs.

Our expertise

Our experts can partner with you to advise on the implementation and finetuning of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud setup. Our team has the experience and knowledge to give you insights on the best integrations for your unique purposes – providing end-to-end systems integration.

We have built plug and play solutions and fully bespoke global solutions. With each brand we work with, we aim for the marketing team to reach its fullest potential, helping the whole organisation to achieve its business goals.

Systems integration can be complicated – at Celerity, we make it as easy as possible. Arrange a free consultation to discuss Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration today.