Marketers often struggle to integrate their direct mail activities into cross-channel campaigns. The direct mail element is typically carried out by a third party that covers printing and postal functions making cross channel integration almost impossible.

The evolution of Adobe Campaign Direct Mail

Adobe Campaign now makes it easy for marketers to manage their direct mail activity as part of a cross channel campaign. The evolved version of Adobe Campaign’s Direct Mail tool allows marketers to connect their digital work with the physical world, re-engaging customers with creative printed campaigns typically designed to inspire engagement with an online channel. Contact our experts today to discuss your Adobe Campaign Direct Mail requirements. 

The files required by the printing house can be confirmed and generated using the Direct Mail function in Adobe Campaign.

This means that the creation of targeted recipient lists is automated – there’s no need for marketers to send all the addresses to the printing house manually. It also allows marketers to keep a record of who has received their direct mail content. This is crucial to building up customer profiles based on where and how they have engaged.

Adobe Campaign merges online and offline touchpoints, enabling marketers to see if someone has responded to their email and SMS campaigns. When there’s a lack of response, marketers can use the Direct Mail function to cut through the noise with targeted, compelling content, delivered right to the customer’s door.

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Automated marketing success

Marketers can access ready to use templates to execute their Direct Mail campaigns seamlessly. Plus, they can integrate the Direct Mail channel with other channels (like emails, SMS, etc.) to setup cross channel campaigns.

Adobe Campaign’s updated capabilities offer marketers much more automated support. Using Direct Mail’s new features, they can build up their customer profiles for better engagement, as well as retarget unresponsive recipients with hyper personalized mailings. It also allows marketers to manage their customers’ privacy and preferences.

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Our deep understanding of every element of the Adobe Marketing Cloud cements our reputation as a leading international data and technology marketing consultancy. And our cross-vendor expertise means we can help your business reach its customers with better results; increasing engagement and profitability.

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