Adobe Campaign SMS is ideal for marketers looking to integrate text messaging into their cross-channel efforts.

The logistics involved are often more difficult than you might think. Where email is an open channel, allowing messages to be sent anywhere – and at little to no cost – SMS is a digital channel and must be paid for, and the provider (rather than the marketer) must send the message. Accordingly, there needs to be an integration between platform and provider, which can be a complicated undertaking.

Adobe Campaign SMS makes it far simpler. Contact our experts today to discuss your Adobe Campaign SMS requirements.

How does Adobe Campaign SMS work?

Adobe Campaign SMS allows you to deliver mass personalized text messages to your prospects and customers’ phones. It integrates easily with any provider that supports SMPP v.4.3, and can be configured to function with providers that don’t using an out-of-the-box SMPP connector.

Adobe Campaign SMS can be configured according to your requirements: if you need to be notified every time a message is successfully delivered, you can be – and you can even see replies directly within the platform. It will let you know when customers unsubscribe from marketing materials – and even unsubscribe them automatically on your behalf. It’s also possible to set up triggers to respond to certain words and behaviors with automated replies: if a customer types ‘Help’, for example, you can arrange for a personalized response that lists support numbers and other relevant contact details – with no input whatsoever from your human employees.

It also integrates easily with your other marketing efforts. In your workflow, you can use SMS alongside other channels such as email and direct mail, making it easy to deploy cross channel campaigns.

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How do marketers benefit from Adobe Campaign SMS?

Mobile is potentially a highly lucrative marketing channel. Customers and prospects might mute email notifications or otherwise be away from their professional and personal inboxes; online advertising is frequently blocked; direct mail is often more likely to be recycled than opened. A smartphone is always in the customer or prospect’s pocket: wherever they are, whatever they’re doing, you can be confident that your message will get through.

Of course, it pays to be mindful of particular SMS marketing conventions. These can vary according to country: in Asia, a text message informing a lapsed customer of a discount or offer will often be welcome; in the UK, the channel is more suited to reminders and other transactional considerations. Mobile marketing is an excellent way to maximize brand loyalty, but it’s essential to tailor your approach to each nation and region you operate in.

Why Celerity?

As a data-driven marketing agency, we’re experts in delivering personalized SMS campaigns – and Adobe’s suite of marketing tools. As accredited Adobe Campaign specialists, we know how to successfully install and implement the platform, train staff in its use, and optimize its performance over time. We can also customize it to meet your specific requirements.

In other words, we’re ideally placed to help you solve your marketing challenges – whether they involve Adobe Campaign SMS or otherwise.

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