Adobe Campaign email marketing enables businesses to deliver highly personalized, on-message customer communications.

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So, what exactly can you achieve with the Adobe Campaign email marketing solution?

Create beautiful emails

Adobe Campaign helps you create personalized, and responsive emails that look great. You can quickly save, manage and reuse email assets by importing HTML files through a URL, using Adobe Experience Cloud Assets Service, or integrating Adobe Campaign directly with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Thanks to inbox rendering, you can send emails with greater confidence. You and your marketing team can see exactly what an email is going to look like across hundreds of email clients, browsers and devices – before pressing the send button.

Adobe Campaign enables you to prefill the HTML content, audience and delivery parameters in the email template of your choice. This customization helps you prepare for future email marketing activities and save time. You can also edit your Adobe Campaign emails in Dreamweaver CC and synchronize content seamlessly, no matter where you make changes.

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Manage dynamic content

Adobe Campaign enables you to set up rules to match offers and images to recipients based on custom criteria. This helps you scale the offer-matching process and quickly link personalization rules to specific content types.

Different target audiences need to receive different messages. You can define the rules that decide who gets what and create campaigns with dynamic content built within each type of message. You can also prioritize when these messages are delivered. The expression editor feature helps create an order of priority for dynamic content, ensuring that the most important content reaches the right customers at the right time.

Another important feature of the software is that it allows for navigation between the dynamic content of an image block or a block of text, making it easy to track changes from one place, and see what each message will look like for each recipient. It also allows for powerful integration possibilities with Adobe Target or any other product that offers capabilities to personalize content based on location or open time.

Automate emails

With Adobe Campaign, you can automate transactional emails like password resets or order confirmations. Or, you can integrate Adobe Campaign with Adobe Analytics to trigger real-time remarketing emails based on individual user actions (and non-actions) on your emails, apps, or websites.

By integrating triggered emails with your information systems through the Adobe Campaign Message Center, you can turn customer actions into personalized emails delivered in real-time. This is a powerful method of reengagement.

Add Adobe Analytics to the mix and you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ intentions through an analysis of web or mobile-based triggers. This leads to a better customer experience that reinforces just how in tune your brand is with individual preferences.

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