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As one of Adobe Campaign’s top-performing partners, we are experienced in helping our clients get the best out of their marketing technology. Our extensive experience working with Adobe Marketing Cloud, and the Adobe Campaign platform, means that brands who choose to partner with us can rest easy knowing that their Adobe Campaign integration is in safe hands. Contact our experts today to discuss your Adobe Campaign Integration requirements.

We have successfully implemented a record number of integrations and our bespoke training enables brands to become self-sufficient. Ongoing campaign support ensures every integration is carried out smoothly, helping team members maximize their use of the platform. It’s not unusual for our training team to achieve a full user enablement in just three months, providing our clients with a quicker return on investment from the moment the technology goes live.As one of Adobe Campaign’s top-performing partners, we help our clients get the best out of their marketing technology.

Our team of systems integration experts is skilled in custom Adobe Campaign integrations, product innovation and optimization. Many clients have existing systems that can’t be simply replaced with a new technology. This is where our expertise comes in, enabling a successful Adobe Campaign integration that allows clients to fully benefit from marketing automation, and ultimately build more profitable customer relationships.

We have integrated Adobe Campaign with a number of enterprise technologies, including DAM, EPOS and e-commerce systems. In addition, we have also developed bespoke client customizations to meet their specific needs. We can help you integrate Adobe Campaign with a range of marketing technologies within different areas, including:

Ecommerce – Hybris, Demandware

Personalization – Adobe Target, Monetate

Content Management / DAM – Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore

Web Analytics – Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics Premium

Service Desk – Service Cloud, ZenDesk

CRM Salesforce, MS Dynamics

Customer Analytics – SAS, FastStats

Reporting & Visualisation – Clickview, Tableau

Adobe Campaign integration holds individual benefits for each marketing technology tool. For example, e-commerce tools traditionally have a very product-centric view on marketing, whereas Adobe Campaign is very customer-centric. Adobe Campaign can enhance e-commerce tools by using customer data to produce improved product recommendations.

Essentially, Adobe Campaign is able to orchestrate and manage the outbound and inbound interactions with customers across every touchpoint, whether online or offline. Integrating Adobe Campaign with existing systems enables clients to provide their customers with a consistent and unified experience, no matter what stage they are at in the customer journey.

We have developed and implemented successful Adobe Campaign integrations for a range of clients within sectors ranging from retail, telecoms, and finance to mail order, travel and publishing.

Read more here about some of the bespoke Adobe add-ons and connectors that we’ve designed for clients to help them get more out of their marketing technology.

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Accredited Adobe Campaign Integration specialists

We are certified Adobe partners and are proud to have achieved specialization accreditation for Adobe Campaign in EMEA. In 2014, we also received a Partner Recognition Award for Outstanding Contribution. We have a proven track record in helping brands improve efficiency, increase sales, and build more personalized, and profitable customer experiences. Contact us today to discuss your Adobe Campaign integration.

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