Matching the right marketing technology with the requirements of your business can be a considerable struggle. Maybe your company is small and your strategy straightforward enough for a simple, out-of-the-box, web-only solution; maybe you’re working within a larger enterprise with more substantial requirements, and accordingly, only a more complex software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution will do – whether it’s hosted on-premise, in the cloud, or by an external solutions provider.

For many marketers, Adobe Campaign is their software solution of choice – and for good reason. It has options for both smaller and larger organizations: Adobe Campaign Standard and Adobe Campaign Classic.

Your choice of Adobe Campaign Standard vs Classic will depend on the complexity of your needs and your technology budget. If your requirements are more difficult to fulfill, then a certified technology partner like Celerity can help implement the software. Contact our experts today to discuss your Adobe Campaign Standard requirements. 

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Adobe Campaign Standard vs Classic

There are key differences between Adobe Campaign Standard and Adobe Campaign Classic.

Adobe Campaign Standard is:

  • A fully web-based application. It’s hosted in the cloud, so it’s ideal for organizations without the space, resources, or need to run it on-premise.
  • An on-demand, out-of-the-box solution.It’s for marketing teams with relatively straightforward requirements, so don’t expect high levels of customization.
  • Accessible on any browser or device. Chrome or Safari, Mac or PC, Apple or iOS – you can use Adobe Campaign Standard with all of them.
  • Essential features. The essentials like the drag-and-drop campaign manager and the content builder are there, but some of the more intricate data management functionality is reserved for Classic.

Overall, Adobe Campaign Standard is ideal for smaller businesses that want to execute powerful marketing campaigns – but don’t necessarily need every possible feature.

Conversely, Adobe Campaign Classic is:

  • A full, on-premise SaaS solution. It’s available in a hybrid or fully hosted deployment.
  • A more powerful solution – with more features. If your data management requirements are more complex, Adobe Campaign Classic can improve delivery across all channels.
  • Ideal for larger enterprises and franchises. Classic is best-suited to organizations with extensive and wide-ranging automation and delivery needs.

Certified Adobe Campaign Experts

At Celerity, we’ve worked to build a team of some of the world’s top certified Adobe Campaign specialists – having delivered a record number of successful implementations alongside bespoke training and solution optimization. Whether you’re using the Standard or Classic deployment, we can help customize it to suit your particular needs.

Our team is comprised of experienced experts who’ve completed training, passed exams, and know the software inside out – to the point where we received a Partner Recognition Award for Outstanding Contribution in 2015, alongside specialist accreditation for Adobe Campaign in EMEA.

At a local, national, or global scale, we can turn Adobe’s digital marketing technology to your organization’s advantage: helping you deliver brilliant experiences for customers new and old.

To find out more about Adobe Campaign Standard vs Classic – and to discuss how they fit into your marketing strategy with one of our Adobe certified specialists – get in contact today.

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