Adobe Campaign support

Organisations often approach us for support with Adobe Campaign because they’re unsure whether it can integrate with their existing technology, or because they struggle to optimise the platform to suit their required usage. Others have trouble creating an implementation roadmap or identifying their most important data sources. It can also be hard for some organisations to implement a robust project management plan or rules for how the system should be used.

Our crack team of highly qualified Adobe Campaign developers, consultants, project managers, trainers and support staff can help you install and maximise usage of the platform, helping you overcome any roadblocks. We can also train your staff and optimise the platform’s performance over time to meet your evolving needs. Contact our experts today to discuss your Adobe Campaign Support requirements.

We provide support in the following areas:

  • Analytics
  • Application development
  • Application hosting
  • Campaign and content management and development
  • Architecture development
  • Database and analysis and optimisation
  • IT resourcing
  • Integration coding
  • Platform implementation and testing
  • Market research / consumer insights
  • Personalisation
  • Platform optimisation
  • Project team resourcing and structure
  • Co-project management structure
  • Campaign design and building
  • Technical administration

Contact us now to discuss your Adobe Campaign support requirements.

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Multi-sector coverage

At Celerity, our systems integration team can help you get the most from your enterprise marketing automation technology. Our team has helped companies across all sectors, including financial services, retail, hospitality, media, telecom, publishing, travel, charity and entertainment. They regularly help companies:

  • Increase the quality of the data that they’re collecting
  • Standardise their data and organise it effectively
  • Integrate existing marketing technology and data streams to improve data consolidation and distribution
  • Unearth insights on customers to create in-depth profiles, creating a highly personalised and sophisticated experience, leading to better ROI on marketing and sales activities
  • Understand what data is most important, where it comes from and the most efficient ways to collect it

How Celerity can help

Our team of multilingual developers and tech leads can help with immediate Adobe Campaign support or can consult to create a bespoke solution.

We’re privileged to employ some of the world’s top certified Adobe Campaign experts, and we’re proud to have achieved specialisation accreditation for Adobe Campaign in EMEA.

We’ve supported over 100 instances of Adobe Campaign in major blue-chip organisations including Elsevier and Red Tag.

We also offer retained consultancy and training services to help you get the most out of Adobe Campaign, or any of the other Adobe Marketing Cloud products including Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics.

If you’d like to learn more about Adobe Campaign and how we can help, get in touch today.

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