Your customers want seamless, personalized brand experiences both on and offline. To achieve this, many brands automate their marketing efforts – but automation is not always the quick-fix marketers hope for. Often, multiple automation campaigns, delivered on different channels like email and mobile, are set up separately. This invariably leads to conflicting messages and encounters that frustrate.

In Adobe Campaign, marketing automation enables you to guide your customer along their brand journey without having to manage each step manually. It’s a powerful tool that helps you orchestrate complex marketing campaigns to different audiences across multiple channels. Using rich customer data, you can create, coordinate, and deliver compelling campaigns via email, mobile, offline and more.

You can see the whole customer journey on a single screen, stay on top of your customers’ needs, and make sure they receive the right communications at every step of their purchasing journey.

Adobe Campaign automation doesn’t demand additional resources or time – and it integrates seamlessly with complementary platforms to further enhance your campaigns and customer engagement. Contact our experts today to discuss your Adobe Campaign Marketing Automation requirements.

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Adobe Campaign in action

Adobe Campaign improves marketing campaign orchestration through integration. It pulls data from critical channels like mobile and web, and runs it alongside valuable data sources like CRM systems, call center logs and product return records. This creates a fuller customer picture that enables relevant, real-time engagement.

Many marketers are stuck pushing out siloed campaigns that make it difficult for them to predict customer behavior. In Adobe Campaign, marketing automation not only helps free up time, but also allows marketers to gather valuable information about engagement and preferences, keeping them one step ahead.

Adobe Campaign’s data-powered algorithms can automate and orchestrate your marketing efforts effectively. Team members can access the most up-to-date assets and personalize their campaigns at scale. With Adobe Campaign marketing automation capabilities, you can speed up the delivery and relevance of your campaigns by eliminating manual processes.

Celerity and Adobe Campaign

We are an accredited Adobe Marketing Cloud partner. Our team of certified experts specialize in five of the Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions: Adobe CampaignAdobe AnalyticsAdobe Experience ManagerAdobe Target and Adobe Audience Manager.

We have successfully delivered an outstanding number of solutions and implementations for a range of businesses. In fact, our Adobe expertise was rewarded with a Partner Recognition Award for Outstanding Contribution. We are also the proud recipients of a special accreditation acknowledging our work with Adobe Campaign in EMEA.

At Celerity, we push ourselves to go above and beyond for our clients, developing numerous platform customizations to ensure that the solutions we offer are ready and fit-for-purpose.

Our award-winning partnership with Adobe has helped companies across all sectors significantly enhance their email marketing speed, relevance and profitability.

To find out more about Adobe Campaign automation and how Adobe’s suite of products can improve your marketing, get in touch with our experts today.

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