Adobe Campaign pricing guide

Adobe Campaign (formerly Neolane) is available as part of three different products: Standard, Premium and Ultimate. Depending on which product level you select, Adobe Campaign pricing is worked out based on the number of channels specified, as well as the various hosting options. All Adobe solutions work to a no cost-per-message (CPM) system.

As Adobe Campaign specialists, Celerity’s award winning team can help you understand the pricing differences between each Adobe Campaign level, and establish which product level is best suited to meet your business’ needs. Together we can help you dramatically improve the speed, profitability and relevance of your marketing campaigns. Contact our experts today to discuss Adobe Campaign pricing.

Adobe Campaign Standard

Adobe introduced the Adobe Standard in 2015 as a new email marketing solution that is natively integrated into Adobe Marketing Cloud. Similar to Adobe Analytics, Target and Experience Manager in appearance, Standard features a simplified user interface (UI), but is only available in the cloud.

Adobe Campaign Standard is currently limited to email and SMS channels, and features no interaction capability (Campaign’s rules based decisioning engine uses both explicit data such as preference centers, and implicit data from interaction with individual pieces of content).

Nonetheless, Standard offers a powerful marketing solution at a more affordable Adobe Campaign pricing point. A number of add-ons are available, including marketing analytics, campaign optimization (simulates campaigns to view volumes after typology rules and exclusions), distributed marketing, survey manager, CRM connectors (Oracle/MSFT/SFDC) and email rendering (units of 1000).

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Adobe Campaign Premium

Premium bears a closer resemblance the old Neolane product, delivering the complete package for marketing automation. Adobe Campaign pricing for Premium covers a maximum of four channels, with three already included (email, direct mail, and one of your choosing). An additional channel can be purchased as an add-on.

Interaction is limited to only outbound channels (email, SMS and direct mail) and available add-ons include survey manager, marketing analytics, distributed marketing, email rendering (units of 1000) and campaign optimization.

Adobe Campaign Ultimate

Adobe Campaign Ultimate is the most comprehensive product level, covering all channels including email, SMS, direct mail, push notifications, social, web, and call center. Additionally, inbound interaction capability (web, in-app, and call center) is available.

Ultimate also includes unlimited email rendering, campaign optimization, survey manager, marketing analytics and predictive marketing connector, while distributed marketing is available as an add-on.

To ascertain which Adobe Campaign product level is right for you there are four key variables to consider:

Number of active recipients: The number of prospects or customers contacted in the last 12 months that are currently within your database, and predicted growth.

Email volumes per annum: The number of email sent last year, and predicted growth.

Required channels: Assess which channels you will require at launch stage.

Required hosting: Assess your Adobe Campaign hosting requirements.

Adobe Campaign Hosting

To simplify hosting, Adobe have essentially split the Adobe Campaign product into two parts: application (the database layer within Campaign and the user interface), and MTA (the email deployment environment).

Adobe Campaign Standard is currently only available in the Adobe Cloud. However, across Premium and Ultimate, Adobe Campaign can be hosted in three ways:

Adobe Cloud: Both the Application and MTA are hosted by Adobe.

On-premise: Both the Application and MTA are hosted by either the client or partner (such as Celerity).

Hybrid: The Application is hosted by either the client or a partner, but the MTA is hosted by Adobe.

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