Adobe Campaign is available to deploy in three different ways: on premise, hosted and hybrid.

The option you choose will depend on your needs, but all are able to ensure accessibility and minimal downtime, wherever you are operating in the world. Having a choice of deployment is particularly important, because marketing teams are ‘always on’, have unique requirements and operate across a range of channels and campaigns.

As Adobe Campaign specialists, our award-winning team can help you understand which deployment option is best suited to meet your business’s needs. Together, we can help you deploy the solution in the most cost effective and efficient way. Contact our experts today to discuss your Adobe Campaign deployment options.

Let’s look at the three main deployment options in more detail.

Adobe Campaign fully hosted (managed services)

 If you opt for a hosted deployment option for Adobe Campaign, your solution will be hosted in one of Adobe’s data centers.

The advantages of a hosted solution are that you can pass the responsibility for uptime and performance over to Adobe. You have access to most Adobe Campaign Classic modules and you’ll also have greater access to product expertise, better security and reduced costs of in-house support staff.

However, it does mean relinquishing a degree of control. In addition, if you’re looking to process information stored in one or more external databases – known as the Federated Data Access (FDA) module, the hosted deployment option won’t work for you.The external database needs to be exposed to the Campaign server and, as a result, FDA is not available for managed service deployments. You also won’t be able to use the LDAP configuration module.

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Adobe Campaign hybrid

A hybrid solution is one that combines the on-premise and hosted deployment options. In other words, you host some parts of the solution, while Adobe hosts others. When it comes to Adobe Campaign Classic, Adobe typically hosts cloud-based messaging services, whilst you host the data-specific components of the solution – including integration components – on-premise.

If you can’t quite decide between on-premise or hosted, hybrid hosting might be right for you. It provides a comfortable middle ground, where you have control over some areas and not others. In addition, you have all modules available to you.

To determine module availability, take a look at this handy Adobe Campaign Classic capability matrix.

Adobe Campaign on premise

An on-premise solution is one that’s installed and run on computers on the premises of the organization using the software, rather than at a remote facility or via the cloud. That means that all components of the Adobe Campaign Classic on premisesolution are hosted in one of your organization’s data centres.

The main advantage of Adobe Campaign on premiseis that you have more control over costs and day-to-day operations. In addition, an on-premise deployment increases modular availability. For example, on-premise administrators can connect to an external database, configure the application server, and archive emails, whereas hybrid and managed service users either don’t have the option or must result modular assistance via Adobe support.

However, it also means you must assume responsibility if things go wrong. In addition, with on-premise, you can’t use the Adobe Campaign Standard Connector, nor can you use the Domain Name Delegation function.

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We received a Partner Recognition Award for Outstanding Contribution and we were also proud to achieve specialization accreditation for Adobe Campaign in EMEA.

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