Neolane Campaign Management: the background

Neolane was acquired by Adobe in 2013. At the time there were five platforms in the Adobe Marketing Cloud:

  • Adobe Analytics: the tagging and web analytics platform
  • Adobe Target: the automated testing tool
  • Adobe Experience Manager: the web content management and digital asset management system
  • Adobe Media Optimization: the media forecasting and management tool
  • Adobe Social: the social media management platform

Each of these solutions were leaders in their field, and all them were underpinned by content and data. Neolane campaign management was therefore the perfect addition to the cloud, integrating seamlessly with the existing Adobe solutions:

Adobe Analytics & Neolane

As the second most used web-tagging platform globally, after Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics had great penetration within the market. Analytics is adept at understanding both anonymous and known customers’ digital behavior. This information can then be fed into Experience Manager and Target for content personalization across digital properties. What was missing was the ability to continue the analytically driven content personalization once the customer had left the digital property. This is where Neolane’s campaign management stepped in. Information passed from Analytics to Neolane can inform follow-up outbound marketing campaigns such as “abandon basket” and can also more deeply inform personalized content using previous web behavior. Contact our experts today to discuss your Neolane Campaign requirements.

Adobe Target & Neolane

Target allows brands to automatically test content and then learn from the results to continually optimize their content. The downside of Target was that once the customer had left the website, any content testing or learning had to be managed by a different system. This obviously made creating a consistent customer journey across every touch-point nearly impossible. Neolane campaign management’s automated testing capability was fairly strong, but it could only test content to known customers. The integration of Target with Neolane meant that customer journeys could be kept consistent from the moment the customer first arrives on the website as an unknown visitor, through to them becoming a known advocate of the brand. Other initiatives that also became possible include “live content”, which enables Target to change content in an email even after Adobe Campaign has sent it.

Adobe Experience Manager & Neolane

Experience Manager is one of the best web content management and digital assets management platforms available to brands. Experience Manager is designed to manage customer experiences, but clearly those experiences aren’t limited to the website and other digital mediums. Outbound channels, call centers, in-store and more are just as important. Neolane campaign management is perfectly placed to continue the customer experience once the customer has left the brand’s owned digital properties. The Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign integration also enables a single view of content. By integrating Campaign with Experience Manager’s digital asset management system, brands can be 100% assured of content consistency both online and offline.

Neolane campaign management, now Adobe Campaign, was the missing piece of the puzzle Adobe needed to offer brands the ability to continue the consistent personalized customer experience even after customers have left a brand’s owned digital properties.

Adobe continue to invest and develop Campaign in line with the ever changing needs and requirements of brands and customers worldwide and the Adobe Marketing Cloud now consists of eight platforms, comprising the most complete set of marketing solutions available.

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