As a certified product specialist and founding partner to Neolane, we can offer bespoke Adobe Campaign training to help your business’ team maximize their use of Adobe’s marketing automation solution.

Or, if you are just getting started with Adobe Campaign, we can help ensure you employ best practice methods from the get go. Contact our experts today to discuss your Adobe Campaign Training requirements. 

Our Adobe Campaign training process

We know that every business is different, especially when it comes to their use of technology. That’s why we offer fully customized training programs unique to the specific needs and requirements of your Adobe Campaign users. The training we provide follows a three-stage process, known as ‘ACT’ (Assess, Customize, Train).

Assess: with a few short assessment sessions, we will analyze your current or planned use of Adobe Campaign and use the findings to structure a training program that is as relevant to your needs as possible.

The assessment stage includes the identification of potential super-users, based on certain skill sets. Super-users receive the most intense training as we aim to give them the capabilities and material to train newcomers, build their teams, and troubleshoot queries.

Customize: we will then create a customized Adobe Campaign training program, including a combination of 1-on-1 sessions, desk-side coaching on the job, and group classes, all structured to accommodate users with different levels of skill and experience.

We will create custom training modules, videos and presentations, designed to make sure your staff are up to speed on your specific configuration and operational use of the product to support your marketing efforts.

Train: once your Adobe Campaign training program has been established, we will deliver the training directly to your end-users, on-site. Sessions will involve interactive training within the itself, followed by testing to ensure users have met their learning goals. Review materials and videos will also be provided, allowing users to revisit key areas in their day-to-day usage of the platform.

Our ‘ACT’ training process fits within our wider ‘ENABLE’ (Engage, Assess, Build, Launch, Evolve) five-stage process for the structured implementation and delivery of technology platforms. We support clients looking to adopt new platforms throughout the full implementation lifecycle, with a comprehensive training program for users delivered as part of the Launch stage.

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The benefits of our Adobe Campaign training

Our customized training program are designed to teach users a wide range of best practice methods for carrying out business-critical marketing activities in Adobe Campaign, from real time personalization, behavioral campaigning, and accelerating campaign execution, to data simplification, budget allocation, and alert processes setup.

We aim to help clients become self-sufficient with Adobe Campaign, and understand how they can make the platform work better for them, helping them reach their present and future marketing goals. We give super-users advanced training so they can implement bespoke new user onboarding programs, helping them take full advantage of the platform once formal training has been completed.

Accredited Adobe Campaign Specialists

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