The Tealium Universal Data Hub is designed to help businesses collect and manage customer data. Leveraging all the different touch points that customers now interact with, the Tealium products work together in unison to collect, combine, enrich and deliver customer data so that it can be used for stronger business intelligence. This data fuels marketing plans and gives enterprises insight into the best ways to interact with individual customers. Contact our experts today to discuss your Tealium Support and Implementation requirements.

Celerity is a certified Tealium partner. That means that we can provide Tealium support for all the products in the Tealium Universal Data Hub:

Common challenges with tech implementation

There are a number of challenges that, in our experience, clients face when implementing new technology. Some have trouble developing an implementation roadmap and ensuring existing systems can be integrated with the new technology. Others don’t have a strong project management plan in place, or find it hard to identify the most important data sources. It can also be hard for some to establish business rules for how the new system should be used by people in the organisation.

We can help guide you through this process when implementing Tealium as part of your martech stack.

What are the data problems that Tealium can solve?

At Celerity, our systems integration team, based mainly in Madrid, Spain, have helped companies across all sectors, including financial services, telecom, hospitality, charity, publishing, travel, media and entertainment, healthcare and retail, to implement, integrate and maximise the use of enterprise marketing technology.

We can help you:

  • Understand what data needs to be collected by the business, from what sources, and the most efficient ways go about it.
  • Standardise collected data and ensure the quality of your database.
  • Enrich, transform and combine data to build more complete, accurate customer profiles – getting you to closer to the ‘holy grail’ of marketing: the Single Customer View (SCV).
  • Integrate systems and data streams to make collecting and sending data to other sources simpler.
  • Activate the insights that better data and customer profiles give to the business – the end goal being to create a sophisticated and highly personalised customer experience, leading to better return on marketing and sales activities.

How Celerity can help

Our team is made up of multilingual developers and tech leads, which means that we can deliver projects globally. We can assist with immediate set-up or can work with you to create a bespoke solution that suits your needs.

Our Tealium implementation services include:

  • Business case creation
  • Technology selection and migration planning
  • Proof of concept
  • Requirements gathering and definition
  • Architecture design
  • Database design and build

In addition, we also offer ongoing consultancy and training services. As a certified Tealium partner, we help businesses get the most out of their marketing technology and maximise their use of customer data for business growth.

To find out more about our Tealium support services and to speak to one of our certified experts, get in contact today.


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