Customers now have a larger variety of touchpoints when interacting with brands than ever before. We’ve gone beyond web and mobile – now, we have smart TVs, voice assistants, smartwatches and even self-order kiosks and tablets in restaurants. All of these devices collect data on how customers behave, and all of this data is essential in helping brands to build a robust Single Customer View (SCV).

Companies need to be able to easily collect and transfer this data to and from their vendors (or partners, such as advertising agencies) and key teams within the business that make use of data insights. Imagine a large, multi-national enterprise that works with hundreds vendors and partners – that’s a lot of data to ensure is delivered to the right places! In addition, these data sources tend to be siloed, which can significantly slow down the process.

Tealium EventStream is designed to collect customer event data from every touchpoint (beyond just web and mobile) and send it to any source you need to – whether that be to vendors, to data teams, or into your own system so that you can take full advantage of it.

Tightening up the data collection and delivery processes, Tealium EventStream can power whatever major cloud computing platform you’re using (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform, for example) with data.

It’s highly complementary and tightly integrated to Tealium iQ Tag Management, a powerful tag management system used by a quarter of the top 100 internet retailers. Contact our experts today to discuss your Tealium EventStream requirements.

Tealium EventStream key features

Tap into Tealium’s Universal Data Hub

Tealium EventStream is an essential component of the Tealium Universal Data Hub software suite, allowing brands to have full control over the entire data supply chain. Data can be collected and delivered server side (cloud-based) or client-side (browser-based).

A flexible and easy to use interface

Tealium EventStream allows for data integration at the click of a button, even on mobile or apps. You can easily integrate your entire technology stack with EventStream, activating data from any source to any destination of your choice. This can also help to simplify vendor management across your marketing and IT departments, while democratising access to your data.

Real-time data

It’s crucial that you’re working with real-time data. Tealium EventStream provides data from all channels in real-time so that you can deliver effective marketing communications, bolstered by the knowledge of when to engage with customers for the best results.

Robust data security

With GDPR in full force, it’s important to ensure the security of your customer’s data. You can rest assured that Tealium’s cloud infrastructure is certified to meet stringent security requirements, meaning your customer data is fully protected.

Minimise SDKs and run faster

Customers expect a certain level of speed, particularly when engaging on mobile. Tealium EventStream delivers data faster by removing vendor tags from your visitor’s browser.

Work with a certified partner

Celerity is a certified Tealium solution partner. We use our specialist marketing technology expertise and experience to help get enterprises on the right track. We can help you deploy Tealium EventStream and the entire Tealium Universal Data Hub at your organisation, so that you can assert greater control over your data supply chain and reap huge benefits across your IT, marketing, sales and customer service departments.

To find out more about Tealium EventStream and to discuss your marketing challenges with one of our certified experts, get in contact today.


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