Businesses are inundated with more customer data than ever before. From transactional data to behavioural data, it all adds up by the second, creating bewildering amounts of information. To help manage it all sensibly, companies typically store data in silos, separating it into distinct groups for specific use. The problem with this siloed approach is that it makes it hard to deliver a unified customer experience across multiple channels and devices.

Tealium AudienceStream offers a compelling solution. Its market-leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) can pull data from across a company’s entire tech stack for consistent and relevant engagement. Contact our experts today to discuss your Tealium AudienceStream requirements. 

What is Tealium AudienceStream?

Essentially, the Tealium CDP is a system designed to centralise customer data from all sources and create profiles that marketers can seamlessly integrate with other systems for marketing campaigns, customer service needs, and all other customer experience initiatives.

Unlike a standard customer relationship management (CRM) system which typically only gathers transactional data, the Tealium CDP works with a wide range of data types. Plus, Tealium is managed directly by marketers, provides greater insights into anonymous user behaviour, and is built for easy integration and use.

Benefits of the Tealium Customer Data Platform

Tealium AudienceStream helps companies unify their enormous volumes of customer data and make it more accessible. It reduces risk, deploys faster, costs less, and delivers a more powerful personalised solution to meet increasingly high customer expectations.

Act on real time data instantly

AudienceStream enables brands to take data-driven marketing to the next level. Its identity resolution, data enrichment and audience management features, combined with deep integrations with complementary platforms means it can consume and act on data within milliseconds. Marketing activities don’t get any more real time than that.

Establish a Single Customer View

Marketers can stitch together online and offline customer behaviour across multiple channels and devices to gain deeper insights. This single customer view (SCV) eliminates the risk of data duplications and provides actionable information for better engagement.

Eliminate data siloes

Customer data is no longer stored in separate siloes. Marketers can take a unified approach to audience management across the company’s tech stack. AudienceStream helps marketers drive more effective marketing strategies that target segmented audiences within an ecosystem of technologies.

Integrate your systems

The AudienceStream ecosystem consists of seamless integrations with various channels such as online advertising, social, email, and  a brand’s CRM. This means that marketers can respond to customers in real-time, enabling instant engagement that is triggered by customer activity.

Unify your customer experience

Tealium AudienceStream bridges data siloes to create one unified customer experience across all channels and devices. This results in consistent customer experiences and high customer loyalty. Marketers are able to respond to opportunities as they happen, boosting the business’ revenue and reputation.

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Celerity is a certified Tealium solutions partner. We are experts in systems integration, managed services and implementation. We work with a number of enterprises across different industries, boasting a wealth of specialist experience.

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