By unifying and owning all of its customer data, your business can discover important insights – and action them quickly. When data sits in the hands of vendors, or is scattered all over the place in different siloes, it costs both time and money to access.

Mass data fragmentation is a serious problem, particularly for large enterprises that, if left unaddressed, will hinder your company’s ability to full embrace digital transformation. The real challenge is that unstructured data can’t be centralised, cleaned and correlated for proper analysis. This results in bad insights that lead to ineffective sales, marketing and customer experience activities.

Tealium DataAccess offers companies a flexible, real-time solution to data access and ownership. It integrates seamlessly with Tealium iQ Tag Management, AudienceStream and more. Its advanced capabilities mean that Tealium DataAccess can pull together omnichannel, event and audience data that has been collected across various touchpoints like web and mobile. Once gathered, the data is immediately available for use.

Data management with Tealium DataAccess

As part of the Tealium Universal Data Hub, Tealium DataAccess enables access to clean, fresh data at all times, ensuring that companies work with only the highest quality information and the most up to date insights. It does this by gathering data from across multiple customer touchpoints in real-time, and then correlating it correctly for application. Contact our experts today to discuss your Tealium DataAccess requirements.

The key benefits of Tealium DataAccess

Take back complete data ownership: With full possession of your customer data, you don’t need to buy back data from vendors. Your own company’s data can provide you with deep, actionable insights from across the business.

Unify your real-time data: The data is collected and correlated for real-time use. A unified data set eliminates any data fragmentation.

Correlate your customer insights: DataAccess helps you get to know your customers better. It acts as a source of information that grows as your business needs develop. With greater access to correlated data and a ‘ready to query’ dataset, your organisation can tend to its customers’ needs quickly and efficiently.

Maximise your enterprise data investments: DataAccess enhances your source of customer data for effective use in conjunction with other business intelligence tools.

Collect your data in a centralised hub: Teams and technologies can collaborate effectively and leverage important insights from the same customer data sets.

Real-time integrations with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS): DataAccess supports seamless integration with the world’s three leading IaaS platforms: Amazon Kinesis, Google Cloud Pub/Sub and Microsoft Azure’s Stream Analytics.

Celerity – a certified Tealium partner

At Celerity, we specialise in marketing technologies that help companies engage more successfully with their customers. As a certified Tealium solution partner, our expertise and experience can help businesses maximise their use of customer data to improve engagement and conversions, thereby unlocking business growth.

Our services include consultation, implementation and ongoing support, all tailored to your unique business needs.  With Tealium DataAccess and the entire Tealium Universal Data Hub deployed at your organisation, you can take control of your data supply chain across IT, marketing, sales and customer service departments.

To find out more about Tealium DataAccess and to discuss your enterprise data challenges with one of our certified experts, get in contact today.




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