Most marketing technology vendors require a short snippet of code, also known as a ‘tag’, to be implemented on a company website in order to serve ads, perform tasks such as web chat, and collect site visitor information. Essentially, tags collect and move data between a website or mobile app session, and the technology vendor.

Traditionally, companies have had to lean quite heavily on their IT departments to get these tags deployed or updated, but Tag Management Systems (TMS) have helped to change that.

By using a TMS, companies can use TMS container code and, within the TMS, set rules for any other tags in the system. A TMS essentially brings the tag management process into one place for marketers to be able to tap into quickly and easily.

Tealium iQ Tag Management is one of the leading TMS available. It is powered by more than 1,000 turnkey vendor integrations and allows you to manage customer data across all platforms including web, mobile and connected devices. Tealium iQ Tag Management is the foundation of Tealium’s Universal Data Hub, which means that you can manage vendor tags, test new technologies, and have more control of your marketing technology stack. Contact our experts today to discuss your Tealium iQ Tag Management requirements. 

Tealium iQ Tag Management key features

The leading tag management software

Tealium iQ has the industry’s largest integration ecosystem with over 50 extensions and more than 1,000 turnkey integrations. You’re in good company when using Tealium tag management – Tealium iQ powers around  25 percent of the top 100 Internet Retailers

Data privacy is taken care of

In our post-GDPR world, data protection and privacy is an important consideration. Tealium iQ can help you to develop data collection policies, provide website visitors with opt-out choices, supports Do Not Track (whether your vendor does or not) and helps you audit your data collection from all vendors.

Unite your marketing technology

With Tealium iQ, you can standardise your data at the source and leverage the CMS and ecommerce libraries. The Universal Data Layer helps you develop a roadmap that unites all of your marketing technologies with common definitions to describe customer interactions.

Serves tags faster than anyone else

Tealium’s global, multi content distribution network (CDN) serves tags faster than any other tag management solution. If you have complex requirements or multiple high-traffic web sites, Tealium iQis the ideal solution.

Manage data without coding

Tealium’s Data Layer API allows organisations to manage and inject data definitions to the website without coding.

Work with Celerity

Celerity is a certified Tealium solution partner. We work with enterprises across different industries, using our specialist marketing technology expertise and experience to get them on the right track. We can help you with tag management and more specifically, help you integrate Tealium iQ at your organisation, so that you can start reaping the benefits.

To find out more about Tealium iQ Tag Management and to discuss your marketing challenges with one of our certified experts, get in contact today.

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