Data can be complex, but it forms the backbone of any modern company and businesses need to be able to handle it appropriately. That means having the knowledge and tools to manage processes – from standardisation to enrichment and integration – effectively.

Fortunately, tools like Tealium Universal Data Hub let companies manage their data efficiently and compliantly, no matter how it’s collected. Contact our experts today to discuss your Tealium Training requirements. 

The Tealium product suite is a powerful solution for managing data in real time across teams, suppliers, vendors and customers. As official Tealium Universal Data Hub Partners, we provide world-class training across the Tealium product range, including Tealium iQ Tag Management, Tealium EventStream, Tealium AudienceStream, and Tealium Data Access.

Our training is bespoke, designed to address the specific needs of your business and to help your meet your goals. Our specialists work directly with your team members to help you maximise ROI on the powerful Tealium suite.

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ACT: Our Tealium training process

Every business has different requirements, which is why our Tealium education approach uses a flexible three-part process. We call this process ACT: Assess, Customise, and Train.

Assess: The assessment step involves an analysis of how your company currently uses or plans to use Tealium. We’ll use the findings to tailor the structure of our training program so that it’s perfect for your company and team.

Assessment also identifies candidates within your business with the right skills to become Tealium ‘super-users’, so that they can receive the most intense training. Super-users will become your in-house points of reference. They’ll learn to train new staff members, solve technical issues, and support their teams.

Customise: Once we’re confident we fully understand your company’s needs, we create a unique Tealium coaching programme. Unlike a traditional Tealium bootcamp, our programmes typically combine one-on-one sessions, group classes and on-the-job coaching to support users at every skill and experience level.

We also create customised materials – including Tealium training modules, presentations and videos – specifically for your company’s use cases. That way, you can be confident that your staff have access to the best information to refer back to if they have any questions down the line.

Train: Once the plan is established, it’s time to execute it by delivering Tealium training straight to end-users. Rather than hosting at a Tealium learning centre, we deliver our courses directly for maximum convenience. Our on-site training classes include interactive, engaging teaching as well as robust testing to demonstrate that the learners have fully understood and are able to meet their goals.

ACT is a part of our larger, five-stage process called ‘ENABLE’ (Engage, Assess, Build, Launch, Evolve) for designing and delivering training on technology platforms. ENABLE means that we can assist clients who are adopting new platforms through every stage of the implementation cycle. This includes the ACT training process, which is part of the Launch stage, as well as a variety of other services.

The benefits of our Tealium training

We design our training programmes to prepare your team for real-world use cases. We are experts in every step of the data handling process, from collection and standardisation, transformation and enrichment, and integration and analysis of the data. We design the perfect Tealium education course for your use case and sets your employees up for success from the moment they return to work.

As members of Tealium’s partner program, we are well equipped to deliver effective training that sets up our clients for long-term self-sufficiency. We achieve this by training super-users and providing our custom-designed materials at no additional cost. We work hard to leave every client confident that they know how to maximise the platform’s benefits and well-equipped to use it to meet their goals.

Certified Tealium specialists

Tealium offers an incredible suite of data management tools, and we’re proud to be a certified partner. Our team has decades of experience and we’re ready to bring it directly to your team, whether they’re looking to improve on their current use or are just getting started. Tealium training can help your company to get the most out of the full-featured products that Tealium offers, and set your company up to maximise ROI, both now and for the long term.

If you’re looking for industry leading Tealium training customised to suit your company’s needs, contact us today.

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