Red Tag

Using Adobe Campaign to deliver amazing travel deals and fantastic experiences


Red Tag wanted to revamp the experience that their customers and prospects were having with the Red Tag brand.  They wanted to greatly improve their marketing campaigns with more personalisation and remove manual activities that were taking valuable time away from their marketing team.  They also sought to provide a unique experience that fit the image of the Red Tag products and the travel and leisure industry.


Celerity and Adobe began working with the Red Tag team in September 2015.  Red Tag was looking for a marketing solution that would meet their increased customer experience needs, but it needed to be implemented quickly in order to meet tight deadlines from the organisation and to be ready for the 2015 holiday season.  Adobe’s Campaign product was selected as the marketing automation platform, and Celerity as the Consulting services and implementation partner.  Celerity utilised their Adobe Campaign Express (ACE) implementation approach, which is designed to get customers up and running with Adobe in a matter of weeks.  With the combination of Adobe Campaign and Celerity, in six weeks Red Tag was able to:

  • Implement and build new campaigns using Adobe Campaign

The first step of the implementation was (a) to install and configure Adobe Campaign to Red Tag’s specifications and then (b) to convert the existing campaigns being run on their ESP to run on the new Adobe Campaign platform.

  • Migrate off of their current email service provider

The volumes of emails being sent out monthly are in the range of 400-500K.  The email communications being delivered are now personalised and triggered by specific behaviours of prospects or customers. 

  • Enable their end-users to be self-sufficient

Red Tag wanted to be able to build, modify and be in a position to add complexity to their campaign efforts without having to rely on a 3rd party vendor.  The ACE implementation fits that requirement by focusing on transferring the knowledge of ‘how to use Adobe Campaign’ to the Red Tag end-users.  The Red Tag team participated in all aspects of the implementation so that they could see first-hand how Adobe Campaign was set-up.  In addition, a detailed Campaign Playbook was created by Celerity as both a reference guide on using Adobe, and to train new end-users on how to build campaigns.


The Adobe Campaign solution has enabled Red Tag to better understand and market to their clients in a timely, relevant manner.  They now have the ability to segment their audiences in virtually unlimited ways, and promote travel experiences that are targeted to the individual customer.  This has put Red Tag in a position to enhance their customer loyalty and to increase per-customer spend, while decreasing customer turnover.

Selection of the Adobe Campaign product has also allowed Red Tag to be in a position to integrate in additional Adobe products when they are ready so they have a solution they can grow into.  The breadth of campaign functionality with Adobe, combined with the expertise and speed of Celerity as the implementer is a two-fold successful combination that will set Red Tag apart as they move into 2016.