Supporting Travelopia with the selection and implementation of a future-proof CRM solution


Travelopia required a robust, data-driven CRM solution capable of delivering personalised communications to key customer segments. Previously, Travelopia had relied solely on Creator Mail, but felt a more powerful solution was required to ensure the company could realise its ambitions of increasing customer engagement levels.


Acting initially in a consultative capacity, Celerity worked alongside Travelopia to determine which solution would best suit their needs both now and in the future. The conclusion was to utilise Apteco FastStats for detailed data analysis and report visualisation, before the data is exported into Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) and used to power personalised marketing communications.

Following the selection of an optimal solution we then implemented and integrated the technologies. Celerity supported the Travelopia team with training and enablement, as well as through data insight, reporting, testing and recommendations for optimising email design and content.


The combination of Apteco FastStats and Salesforce Marketing Cloud has enabled Travelopia to build and deliver highly-personalised marketing campaigns driven by targeted data. Aside from taking the first step towards increased engagement by improving the customer experience, early results have shown cost-efficiencies achieved through:

  • A reduction in email creation time using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud drag-and-drop email builder
  • A reduction in overall email volumes as communications can now be targeted to customers most likely to purchase
  • Increased ROI through conversion to booking