Bespoke customer experience technology helped Elsevier find its one global voice

The Objective

Due to the scale and geographical set-up of its operation, Elsevier had struggled to streamline and standardise massive customer data sets gathered from a range of sources onto one single, integrated marketing platform.

Their focus aimed to standardise communication from their global teams and develop a single marketing profile to better understand their customers. This would enable them to adopt a more customer-centric approach to marketing to enhance customer communications, drive conversion, and increase engagement.

The Solution

We devised an integrated solution for global publisher, Elsevier, to unify information about 30 million international customers into a ‘single point of truth.’

This single customer view enabled Elsevier to develop a richer view of what resonates with individuals, as well as Elsevier customers as a whole.

The project was delivered in three distinct phases:

  • The building of a bespoke global preference centre
  • The migration of all global marketing teams onto one single consolidated platform – Adobe Campaign
  • The implementation of a single, global marketing platform tailored to specific business unit requirements

Elsevier named the scheme “One Map” – with our solution enabling the brand to bring together huge data gathered from a range of international sources about 30 million customers into one single, 360 degree customer view.

We then designed and delivered a global preference centre for Elsevier that enabled the client to capture customer preferences easily through one platform. The bespoke solution was flexible enough to support business unit to change the front-end design, preference questions and languages as required, whilst still capturing data in a structured way; enabling effective data pull-in into the marketing profile.

Celerity then successfully migrated their global marketing functions onto Adobe Campaign, after it had previously been working with different ESP solutions across its global and regional operation.

The Result

By standardising on Adobe Campaign and utilising a global preference centre, the group has both a cutting-edge digital marketing solution to enhance customer communications, and an environment offering improved digital marketing insights with standard data sets across global business units.

The One Map Project has enabled Elsevier to drive better targeting, segmentation and preference-based personalised marketing communications leading to an increase in open rates and click-through rates. Some business units that have already migrated have seen an increase of 30% in open rates and some units have reported increases of 5% in click-throughs.