How to maximise your regional and franchise marketing efforts

  • Posted: 26th October 2017

Effective franchise marketing at a regional and local level can be challenging. When any business expands, it needs to carefully consider how it will engage with its local audiences. Naturally, existing and prospective customers in this new market will have their own unique behaviours, preferences and buying habits – all of which will shape the brand’s regional marketing efforts.

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A franchise business needs to distribute effective, personalised and highly relevant marketing materials at a local level. Marketers at both the corporate and local level need to be able to seamlessly build content and execute campaigns that speak directly to target audiences. Collaboration between both levels is essential to ensure brand consistency across many different channels.

Identifying roles and responsibilities

This multi-channel approach that involves both corporate and local marketing teams is known as distributed marketing. Each team has its own set of responsibilities and activities to manage. They need to work closely together, ensure that there is no cross over or duplication of work and track clearly defined deliverables.

The local team’s mandate includes activities such as:

  • Managing local customer preferences
  • Targeting unique customer needs
  • Personalising content templates
  • Developing relevant local content messaging
  • Executing campaigns specific to that locality
  • Gathering and analysing regional marketing metrics

The corporate team’s responsibilities include:

  • Managing a central repository of all content assets
  • Systemising global customer preferences
  • Centralising the measurement of communications
  • Preparing customisable content templates
  • Developing and managing brand guidelines

While the allocation of duties, deliverables and responsibilities is seemingly straightforward, it can be challenging to manage the various requirements. To avoid any issues, brands need to ensure that they have the right systems and processes in place.

Our top tips for implementing a distributed marketing strategy are:

  • Develop a clear list of measurable success criteria for corporate and local teams
  • Make sure your company’s distributor network buys into the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Line-up all your integrations to third-party systems
  • Lead the effort with strong project management
  • Implement end user training and best practices
  • Consider a phased roll-out
  • Make sure ongoing technical and functional support is provided

Learn more about implementing a distributing marketing strategy.

Need help with managing your distributed marketing efforts in Adobe Campaign? Check out our bespoke distributed marketing accelerator, Campaign Driver

Regional marketing teams need to be able to streamline campaign execution while simultaneously controlling costs, training and resources. Corporate marketing teams need complete oversight on all franchise marketing efforts and final budgetary control. These objectives are much easier to achieve with the right software on-side.

Harnessing technology for distributed, regional and franchise marketing

Adobe is one of the world’s leading marketing technology providers. Adobe Campaign has a built-in Distributed Marketing functionality – its interface can coordinate corporate, local, field and partner channel marketing activities across a franchise network.

As an award-winning, Adobe Campaign specialist, Celerity has developed Campaign Driver. This application is designed to enable day-to-day Campaign users to drive a distributed marketing strategy through increased usability and decreased campaign execution time.

Campaign Driver provides users with a simplified user interface, enabling regional marketing teams, across a variety of locations, to quickly modify content, choose an audience, upload unique customer records and schedule launch times.

It also increases the accessibility of the key functionalities of Adobe Campaign, including dashboards, content management, microsite management, data management and offer management.

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