Case Study: Building a System to Drive Sales-Focused Marketing Efforts in the Financial Sector

  • Posted: 4th January 2018
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Competition within the wealth management sector is pushing enterprise-level organizations to seriously consider, analyze and optimize their marketing operations strategy and technology to decrease their go-to market time. Additionally, SEC regulations have had a profound impact on what PII (personally identifiable information) data can be used in SaaS environments which means more organizations in the financial industry are seeking a secure, on-premise Campaign solution that would protect and manage their data. Fortunately, Adobe Campaign has the flexibility and security to support these needs and one of our clients, a $10B wealth management enterprise, decided to replace Pardot with Adobe Campaign and integrate it with their Salesforce CRM to better protect and manage their data while continuing to drive sales-focused marketing efforts.

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Why Adobe Campaign

Because Adobe Campaign (AC) has flexible deployment models allowing organizations to build their platform on-premise, on the cloud or a combination of both, along with other key benefits like the ability to organize and partition robust data across the organization and seamless integration to most CRM systems (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle etc.,), this client opted to transition away from their Pardot solution to Adobe Campaign to help manage sales-focused marketing efforts. Additionally, this client aimed to consolidate to a single platform for managing their multi-channel customer interactions including email, direct mail, social media, and eventually direct mail.

How Celerity Helped

Celerity was brought into the project because the initial implementation started going awry with the client’s first partner. They were referred to Celerity because of the company’s decade-plus track record with Adobe Campaign and robust Experience Cloud and CRM expertise. Celerity ultimately helped this client re-plan and execute on the full implementation of Adobe Campaign, with integration to their Salesforce (SFDC) system, and enabled the system integration with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Audience Manager (AAM). While the project had substantial delays stemming from the initial implementation, Celerity was able to get in and fix the issues and set the plans straight to deliver a scalable solution.

Celerity also delivered:

  • A customized Preference Center for relevant industry information, to help with overall prioritization, relevance and personalization of campaigns
  • Repeatable campaign templates for common drip, newsletter, webinar, social media and whitepaper campaigns
  • A progressive profiling form to create the Dynamic floating form buildout in AEM and configure progressive profiling rules
    • This functionality looks at the known data about this visitor within the Adobe Campaign database and dynamically displays only the fields in the form for any information that hasn’t yet been collected

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Why is Team Alignment So Important?

The biggest challenge identified when Celerity came into this project was that there was no alignment made between the sales, marketing and technical teams to create the foundational exchange data definition between MAP and other systems. Asking key questions like “what is your end-to-end marketing to sales process” and deciphering who is responsible for what part of the customer data as it is flowing through the organization helps appoint the right data stakeholders and stewards to ensure that every possible process that can be automated, is automated and that the integration represents everyone’s needs. It also helps with getting ahead of lead management, lead scoring and future campaign strategy. In this case, this lack of alignment prevented integrations with AEM and Audience Manager, thus delaying the overall project completion and success. Fortunately, Celerity has strategic workshops to help clients define and level-set on the true business priorities and are the experts in translating your needs into technical requirements, resulting in up to 80% automation of processes.


This was certainly a complex and involved project that had a few roadblocks along the way, but the end result has helped the client drive success with Adobe Campaign at the cornerstone of their enterprise-solution. Some key results achieved are:

  • Seamless connection between content, data and analytics reporting
  • Streamlined sales process to provide call-centers and sales roles hotter leads faster
  • Implemented big data marketing strategies that enable a complete, enterprise-wide, 360-degree view of customer base
  • Consolidation of multiple systems and data feeds for cross-channel campaigns
  • Reduction of new campaign development from months to two weeks
  • Automation of attribution and performance reports for executive-level reporting


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