Why Adobe Experience Manager content management system (AEM CMS)? Well, managing your customers’ digital experiences isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially if you have a variety of content assets and channels in operation. Different businesses will have their own digital strengths and weaknesses, but most will agree that effective customer experiences are based on three things: personalization, consistency, and long-term value.

Achieving all three sounds like a tall order, but it is possible.

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Comprehensive desktop and mobile strategy

AEM CMS (formerly Adobe CQ5), is a comprehensive digital enterprise content management solution that enables brands to deliver engaging digital experiences across all devices including desktop and mobile.

The platform is made up from five modules; Sites, Assets, Mobile, Forms and Communities.

Sites is the platform where marketers create, manage and deliver digital customer experiences for all devices from web to mobile and in-store screens. Sites also offers the ability to manage multiple websites and other digital properties easily and simply.

Assets is the digital asset management element of AEM. The integration between AEM and the Adobe Creative Cloud means that content can be created and consumed quickly. The ability to manage tagging, metadata and content approval from one web-based solution, makes the content creation process much more simplified and quick.

Easily manage your mobile strategy

Mobile is the mobile app development and management environment. The benefit of having this within the AEM CMS is that you can easily run your mobile strategy in line with your wider digital experience strategy. Content from Assets is available for mobile apps to use and is automatically adjusted to be responsive for mobile consumption.

Forms is a form management solution that enables brands to create and manage forms from one place. The tool manages the delivery and consumption of form information both online and offline; meaning personalization and consistency can be more easily achieved.

Communities allows brands to facilitate online discussions and conversations between consumers via user groups, forums and social forums.

AEM CMS has been designed with both the customer and the end user in mind. The solution is fully flexible and scalable to meet the specific requirements of businesses, and is tightly integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud, thereby joining up the processes of creating and managing content.

Along with Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics, AEM CMS is part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, a set of solutions that integrate seamlessly, allowing users to deliver personalized, cross-channel and real-time marketing campaigns.

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