Systems Integration

The key to leveraging the maximum power of Adobe Campaign is integrating the platform with other marketing technologies, messaging gateways, databases and reporting engines.

Successful organizations are now understanding the strategic imperative to create a solution that combines Adobe Campaign with existing or new technologies that are both on-premise and in the cloud.

Integrating business systems with Adobe Campaign enables organizations to:

  • Automate key functions between and among systems
  • Speed up the execution of highly personalized, cross-channel campaigns
  • Empower Marketing teams to refocus on creating new campaigns instead of extracting and manually uploading data
  • Create a seamless connection between content, analytics reporting and data

Celerity are experts in not only integrating these technologies but also identifying and advising on the opportunities to automate functionalities to achieve the most value among various technologies including more than 125 API integrations, web applications and customizations.

To date, there hasn’t been an integration Celerity hasn’t been able to fulfill.