Marketing & COVID-19: guidance and advice for brands

  • Posted: 1st April 2020
  • Written by:

    Jonathan Sewell, Client Partner

COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on March 11 2020. The international impact and response is developing minute by minute, but it’s clear that it has created unprecedented challenges for the world we all live in. Countries, governments, businesses, workforces and families across the world are trying to navigate their way through the crisis.

Marketers face the difficult task of trying to support their businesses through this critical time, whilst considering what is, and what isn’t, appropriate coming from their brands. Many have the power to help – marketing drives commerce which in turn drives the economy – but are unsure which is the best route forward.

Our team have put the following document together with the intention to share advice, guidance and examples of how to navigate the current challenge with care and support for your audiences and communities, whilst also doing what you can to come back stronger on the other side:

Download our ‘COVID-19 & Marketing’ guidance here

Many of our clients are having to adjust the way they are marketing during this crisis. This piece offers examples of how other brands are communicating, as well as helpful tips on where to start and how to emerge stronger at the end of this.

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